NASA Says “Something Weird” Is Happening With Our Universe Right Now

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Is there an end and a beginning? Do concepts of time and space actually exist? Why are we here? Where did we come from? We would love to know why we are really here, how much of an impact we have, and what it all means. We wish we could have all the answers to the universes, like somehow unlocking the “how” would change our “why.”

The more we understand the more we gain control and alter our purpose. New research from the Hubble Space Telescope has found something strange is happening in the universe. NASA is working on figuring out what exactly is happening and why.However, this could not only challenge our previous assumptions and understanding of the universe but it could also introduce “brand new physics.” Here’s what it means.

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Something Weird Is Happening

NASA says something strange is happening with our Universe. This information was shared by scientists studying data collected from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Satellite over earth image by Nasa
NASA / Unsplash
NASA / Unsplash

Scientists aren’t sure what exactly is happening, all they know is that something strange is taking place. They explained in a press release: “The cause of this discrepancy remains a mystery. But Hubble data, encompassing a variety of cosmic objects that serve as distance markers, support the idea that something weird is going on, possibly involving brand new physics.