NASA Warns That The Largest Asteroid Of 2022 Is Approaching Earth Right Now

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The more we advance in science, the more we try to predict the movements of the galaxy to protect humanity from forces outside of our control. Mother nature and the galaxy itself have a mind of their own. While knowledge is power, sometimes we face threats bigger than we could ever be equipped to handle.

Most recently, NASA detectors found an asteroid that is estimated to be around four times the size of the Empire State Building in diameter to be approaching Earth as we speak. This asteroid is fast approaching and can be a potential hazard.

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What Is An Asteroid

Asteroids are enormous space rocks that orbit the Sun. There are many orbits of all kinds of sizes, from giant ones to small particles, that can be found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. However, because of the gravitational pull of the planets, some pass close to the earth or enter the atmosphere as meteors.

asteroid in the sky
Bryan Goff / Unsplash
Bryan Goff / Unsplash

Usually, they remain undetected or miss Earth. In worse cases, altering their course means that they can collide with Earth. We need to know when they’re coming so that we can defend our planet. Then, the US space agency launches a spacecraft right into an asteroid’s core to deflect it from its original path.