It’s National Cat Day – Here Are Some of The Best Cats on Instagram

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If you’re anything like me, you love cats! So when I learned that today is National Cat Day, you could say I got a little bit excited.

But it’s not just about appreciating our feline companions, it’s about appreciating felines that have no companions.

National Cat Day celebrates our kitties, but raises awareness for cats that have yet to be adopted.

Right now across the United States, there are 3.4 million cats waiting to find loving, permanent homes. Sadly, only about 1.3 million actually will.

That’s why it’s important that today, on National Cat Day, if you’ve been considering getting a feline companion, today might just be the day.

If you’d like to search for your local animal, visit The Shelter Project’s Website to find the closest animal shelter to you.

If you love cats but can’t commit to one long term, you can also offer to foster cats and kittens through your local animal shelter.

This helps reduce the number of animals that may need to be euthanized and helps match cats with wonderful homes.

Okay, so National Cat Day obviously isn’t all seriousness. There’s a fun side too. Here are some of our favorite felines from Instagram. Enjoy!

1. Houdini The Bengal

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Houdini, as his name states, is a bengal! He has a gorgeous leopard coat. However, it can’t be seen as clear in this photo because he currently lives in Alaska, and in Alaska it’s cold out!

He loves going on long walks with his parents throughout the Alaskan wilderness, but his sweater is essential.

Another baby bengal has recently moved in with Houdini, but she doesn’t have a name yet! Follow him on Instagram to find out what they name her!

2. Maisey the Scottish Fold