According To Native American Legend, THIS Is Where Your Soul Goes When You Dream

Native Americans maintain that our minds do not actually dream in the capacity that we think they do. The body doesn't either.

Instead, the free-soul disconnects to travel an entire new realm where it can come in contact with other human souls. In this world, we can speak to non-humans as well.

The dream world exists just as the physical world does, and we can learn more about the other by opening up to the experiences of both.

A large theme in Native philosophy includes the understanding that all of life is one giant dream.

To Natives, the dreamworld was just as important as the physical world; both of them reminders of the impermanent nature of life.

The spirits and souls that guide every person can communicate with us in the dream world, and they often do so through symbolic interactions and events.

It is during our dream state that we are able to both receive and transmit spiritual and psychic information. Natives regularly seek insight into their dreams from Elders.

Elders interpret their dreams and offer advice as to what their spirit guide is trying to tell them, just as we use therapists and other medical professionals to help us understand the problems of the physical word.

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