Choose Your Native American Totem And Discover Your True Spiritual Powers

Native American tribes and other ancient cultures have used totems to represent spiritual symbols and identify their tribe. Totems are meant to be protective by nature.

They are not here to guide you or help your soul on its journey. Your totem choice reveals a lot about your personality, but also reveals information about the type of spiritual powers you probably possess.

Take a look at the image above and pick the totem that calls to you first. Don't spend time thinking about your decision, just go with your gut reaction!

Read on below to find out what your choice reveals about you!

Totem #1 - The Owl

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If you chose the owl as your totem, then you are a very calm and collected person. By nature, owls can see in the dark; in the same way, you are someone who can see right through someone's lies.

Your wise nature has given you a sense of maturity in comparison to your peers. This old-soul like nature makes you irresistible and the energy aura you give off is incredible.

You can maintain your composure during difficult times and your are always a reprieve from the storms of life for others around you.

The soul you possess has been around for lifetimes. Your inner spirit knows things that others can barely understand. You appreciate your alone time and see time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Totem #2 - The Eagle

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If you decided to pick the eagle as your totem, then you are the type of person who is very ambition and driven. You are willing to go above and beyond, willing to do whatever it takes to reach the heights you crave.

You are someone who is bound for success and willing to achieve it no matter the cost.

The eagle chooses to relentlessly pursue its goal until it is reached. Even after accomplishing a mission, there is no time to rest. Your true strength rests in your burning desire to soar past the moon.

You posses a soul that is the living representation of passion and fire. You are like a guiding star in the sky to those around you.

The spiritual power of the eagle is the fire burning in their heart. You desire to soar above everyone else like the eagle you are.

Totem #3 - The Ox

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If the ox is your totem of choice, you are a kind person who would display acts of courage in the face of danger. You look danger in the eyes and don't back down.

However, your strength and courage isn't obvious to everyone. You keep your powers hidden until the point when they are actually needed. Your humility is your defining factor, not your courage.

This totem choice reveals that you posses a soul that thrives on helping others more than yourself. You would rather be quietly successful than unsuccessful and proud.

Your true spiritual strength is your ability to inspire others to be greater. You are a shining example for others to follow.

Totem #4 - The Bear

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If you decided to pick the bear as your totem, then you are the type of person who has a need to dominate the the skill set to make it happen.

You are someone who can easily command the room you walk into and just your presence alone can establish respect.

The bear is willing to display strength when others want to cower in fear. You are not afraid to take the lead when others won't make a move.

This totem choice reveals that your soul knows no fear and needs no assistance. You are wild and free just like the bear. Your ready willing to rip anyone to pieces who is willing to threaten your safety.

Your true spiritual power is your ability to materialize your will effortlessly. Your inner strength is willing to overcome any odds and you are the embodiment of strength.

Totem #5 - The Wolf

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If you decided to pick the wolf for your totem, then you have a very unique personality, to put it gently.

You are a loner for sure, but you also rely on your pack for protection. You are a mix of almost all the other totems.

Your mysterious personality isn;'t obvious to everyone. There is a special charm about you that remains hidden and only shows itself and you decide to reveal it.

This totem selections indicates that you have a soul living in the gray zone of morality. Nothing is as easy as black and white for you and everything can get very complex.

Your spiritual power is the ability to identify the evil in people and look into their souls like a book. You can see what people are trying to hide from you.

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