5 Signs You’re A Natural Born Artist Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

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1. You appreciate art.

This is the first sign. Every artist appreciates art! You might experience some trouble expressing yourself artistically though. You might create time to time but you don’t think much of your work. Welcome to being an artist.

2. You are incredibly sensitive to your surroundings.

Every artist is keenly aware of the world around them. You’re able to feel joy, pain, and every emotion in between. Artists are true empaths. That sensitivity fuels your creative drive.

3. You return to the same artistic outlets.

Sure, you might not be a pro artist or a rock god just yet, but somehow, you’re always brought back to the canvass or to the music instrument of your preference. This is a strong sign you should really jump in with both feet and hone your craft.

4. You have a bunch of ideas.

Natural born artists tend to have more ideas than can fit in your head. I recommend picking up a notebook and jotting down some of these ideas. Pick your favorite ones and run with them. Find a way to create!

5. Creativity trumps everything else.

Money, career, things – they don’t matter as long as you can express yourself creativity. This is the truest sign of a natural born artist. Artists want their voices to be heard by the entire world. The paycheck doesn’t matter in the slightest. As long as you get to express yourself.

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