5 Signs You're A Natural Born Genius

You have an insatiable curiosity.

Geniuses are curious about almost everything. They want to understand other people, outer space, the depths of the ocean, and everything in between. Their curiosity knows no limit.

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You enjoy reading.

Readers are sometimes perceived as being boring eggheads, but in reality, reading is the greatest tool we have for mental expansion. Geniuses enjoy spending their time with a nose in a book because it enables them to learn new things.

You love a good mental challenge.

Geniuses love learning about new things, and part of the learning process is having your ideas and knowledge challenged. They enjoy a vigorous debate and relish in being proved wrong.

You tend to forget things.

Forgetfulness is a sign of genius. Think of every absent-minded professor you've ever met. Geniuses tend to be preoccupied with other thing. Forgetfulness isn't the sign of a dullard, but rather a brilliant woman or man.

You talk to yourself.

People who talk to themselves are actually considerably smarter because, through talking, they reinforce ideas and remember things better. If you talk to yourself, you're not crazy, you're probably a genius!

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