Watch this clever crow go out of his way to share food with a hungry mouse

Lately, I've seen a lot of information on the internet discussing the intelligence of crows. The more I seem to learn about them, the more fascinated I have become.

Did you know crows have the ability to recognize faces and hold grudges against people they don't like? These birds have remarkable intelligence and are capable of solving complex puzzles.

Crows have been know to speak in different dialects, read traffic lights, and hold funerals for their deceased bird friends. The complex social nature of these creatures is amazing!

One internet user was so impressed with these birds, she decided to dedicate an entire Tumblr post to them. You can read her post below!

In case you still doubt the intelligence of crows, here as a video that documents the incredible problem solving skills that these amazing birds posses!

Here is another spectacular video showing a clever crow sharing his food with a hungry mouse! These birds are truly geniuses. They are capable such complex emotions; I love watching them!

Thanks to EducateInspireChange for the inspiration!

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Should I kill spiders in my home? An Entomologist explains why you shouldn't

This is something that many people will have a hard time coming to terms with... DON'T KILL THE SPIDERS IN YOUR HOME!

The reason? Spiders are an essential part of the natural ecosystem and are an important part of maintaining a clean environment.

Most people like to assume their place of living is a safely guarded shelter from the rest of the outside world. However, there are several types of spiders that can make their ways indoors.

In general, all spiders provide some sort of service. Usually something like eating pests and even other spiders! The majority of spiders you will encounter in your home pose no threat to human life.

Recently, Matt Bertone and some of his colleagues from the North Carolina State University conducted a visual survey of 50 homes, in order to get a sample of which spiders live in residential homes.

Every house they visited contained several different types of spiders. The most common species they encountered was the cobweb spider and the cellar spider.

One of the most useful aspects of spiders is that they regularly catch pests and disease-carrying insects, such as mosquitoes for example.

Killing a spider doesn't just end the life of an innocent organism, it make actually be removing an important predator from the ecosystem of your home.

It's only natural to be afraid of spiders, so don't be ashamed. Their weird little legs and venomous bites can be terrifying. Even entomologists themselves can suffer from arachnophobia.

But don't forget, the majority of spiders have venom that is too weak to cause any issues in humans and their fangs are not usually capable of piercing human skin.

Here is a video from an arachnologist, who explains how she grew up horrified of spiders, but eventually ended up fascinated by them.

Still can't tolerate the sight of a spider? Instead of crushing the poor thing, try to capture it and release it outside. It will find a new home and everyone will be much happier.

This content was written under a Creative Commons license and inspired by Matt Bertone, the extension associate in Entomology, at the North Carolina State University and his article originally published on The Conversation.

You can read his original article here.

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