Traits Strong People Exhibit In Relationships

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Strong people definitely have a harder time than most when dating and pursuing relationships.

They don’t want to waste their time on fleeting relationships. This is can be a good thing as they give one hundred percent to whoever they are dating.

The tall walls they put up and specific desires and goals can also make things unnecessarily hard on everyone involved.

Below we have a list of common traits a strong person will exhibit in a relationship.

The biggest things to keep in mind are to stay honest and respect their choices. Don’t be afraid to speak up and firmly state your desires and needs.

They Don’t Give Their Love And Trust To Just Anyone

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Unsplash / Isaac Ordaz
Unsplash / Isaac Ordaz

Time and experience have taught them patience and caution. It will be a process to get their trust and it could take time for them to open up to you.

Have faith in their decision to be with you. Strong and decisive people stand by their decisions, and you are one of their decisions.

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No Fear Of Being Alone

They know who they are and are comfortable with this knowledge.

They are so comfortable by themselves, their desire to spend time with you should be taken as a sincere sign of interest and caring.

They will rely on the time they spend alone to validate their perspective.

They Don’t Need Another Person To Facilitate Their Life

They fit into stereotypical roles of dependence. They are grateful for the help they receive while they are in need, but they can take care of their lives for the most part.

They are looking for someone that fits their unique lifestyle. They can take care of themselves and their life, they want someone that makes them happy and helps them enjoy life to the fullest.

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They Are Not Afraid Of Change

Change is the only constant in the universe. This understanding means they are flexible and strong.

They will expect their partner to have the same ability to roll with life’s punches and take advantage of its opportunities.

Stagnation scares them, and a poorly chosen partner can drag anyone into a place without growth and movement. They want you to show them that you have a forward moving perspective.

Dating Isn’t Always Their Top Priority

Dating is not the most important thing in their life. They have jobs, family, friends and personal goals that are important to them and keep them sane.

They will devote more time and resources to you over time, so hold tight and don’t take it personally.

Sometimes They Come Off As Intimidating

They are conscious of how they spend their time. A result of this is sometimes they come off as serious or intimidating.

Sometimes they come off as intimidating or overly serious on purpose, they may be testing you. Just stay confident and honest, they want a strong and competent partner.

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Attraction Is Only The First Step

There is a lot of work and personal exploration that comes after the two of you openly acknowledge the mutual attraction to each other.

They may not fully celebrate or give into the ‘cloud nine’ feeling that happens in the initial stages of being together.

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