6 Beers You Should Never Drink Again

These days the modern consumer tends to worry a lot more about exactly what it is they're putting into their bodies.

We've learned a lot about nutrition and health in recent decades, and we're much more fastidious about checking labels and looking into the real ingredients of the things we eat and drink.

There is one thing that seems to escape our skepticism however, and that is alcohol.

Most people don't bother to go looking for an ingredient list on a beer bottle, labels are limited to name, logo and maybe alcoholic percentages.

You'll rarely find any more information than that, and if you try to inquire about these details from breweries, you're likely to be ignored or even get a flat out denial.

With persistence and hard work though, we have managed to track down some of the real ingredients in these beers and the results are worrisome, to say the least!

The big companies and breweries are cutting costs however they can and this includes using toxic and unhealthy additives, sweeteners and dyes.

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Below you will find a list of 6 of the worst beers that you should never drink again.

1. Corona Extra

Image credit: Goran Jakus / Shutterstock.com

This Summer marketed beer contains significant amounts of GMO corn syrup and propylene glycol, which is a liquid substance that absorbs water and can be used as antifreeze.

It is also a solvent for numerous purposes, including the creation of artificial smoke. Not so appetizing after a hot day now, is it?

2. Miller Coors

Image credit: Infinite_Eye / Shutterstock.com

Miller and Coors beers are basically as cheaply made as you can get while still slapping that well-known and liked brand name on the can.

They're full of high fructose corn syrup and GMOs, which the company believes lend to a smoother, lighter taste. The "lite" versions of the beers use the same bad ingredients as well.

3. Pabst Blue Ribbon

Image credit: Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com

I don't think anyone necessarily considers this the high end of beers, but just because a product is more affordable doesn't mean it shouldn't be held to the same basic health standards, right?

PBR includes a "special" type of high fructose corn syrup which contains:
"carbohydrates and some simple sugars like dextrose and maltose.

The sugars are fermented into alcohol and CO2, and the carbohydrates, both from the corn syrup and the malt, remain in the beers as flavor, color and body components."

4. Michelob Ultra

Image credit: LunaseeStudios / Shutterstock.com

This beer is advertised as being low carb and good for those on a diet, but it actually contains a GMO sweetener called dextrose.

This can have a negative effect on your blood sugar, particularly if you're borderline diabetic or hyperglycemic and don't know it.

5. Budweiser

Image credit: Arthur Villator / Shutterstock.com

Budweiser and Bud Light took the use of GMOs to another level, as it was revealed that they had used an unapproved and experimental GMO rice strain in their products.

The company apathetically defended their use of this unapproved protein by claiming that the brewing process would simply "break it down".

6. Guinness

Image credit: PHTGRPHER_EVERYDAY / Shutterstock.com

It saddens me to say, Guinness simply is not what it once was anymore. A large conglomerate company called Diageo bought them out a while back.

While they claim not to use high fructose corn syrup in their beer, there is no way to be sure since they refuse to release a complete ingredient list.

They do however, use something called isinglass, a gelatin substance from the swim bladder of a fish, to remove cloudiness and any solids or yeast byproducts left floating around.

Yikes! I think I'll just have a water.

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