Never Give Up

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We carry a lot of unnecessary baggage and create many bad habits. We get wrangled into these habits and need reminders to clear our heads.

We’ve gathered some of the worst behaviors and habits to remind you there is a better way.

The Pursuit Of Perfection

Nothing is perfect and you shouldn’t waste your time holding out for the perfect anything. The perfect life, partner, job, and body don’t exist.

We can only try to truly accept where we are, bettering ourselves and aspects of our life.


Don’t spend your life looking at the glass half full. Negativity is a consistent part of everyone’s life. Don’t actively inject more into your life.

Take the negative aspects of your life and see the potential for growth and compassion.


We aren’t guaranteed anything in life. A person can work towards a goal, and by no fault of their own everything will fall apart. To be successful and happy, you have to be flexible and stay on your toes.

Treat the future like the unknown that it is, but don’t fill the unknown with your fears and negativity.

Negative Self Images

You aren’t stupid, worthless or ugly. You are what you are but that’s not all you can be. Don’t set yourself up for failure or punish yourself for untrue personal biases.

You are perfect the way you are, and that can be difficult to realize. If you realize there are aspects of yourself you don’t like, change it.


You only do as well as you can at any time. After the fact you may realize you could have done better, but at the time that understanding wasn’t available to you.

Don’t blame yourself or others for life’s shortcomings. Accept what has happened and learn from it.

Your Ex

The relationship ended for a reason, trust those reasons and move on. If you are too busy looking in the past, you aren’t watching out for the next best thing.

It can be easy to long for a sense of closure after a relationship ends but realize that old relationships were a waste of time if we let them be so.

Relying On Others

If you can do something for yourself, then you should be the one to do it. You should try to continue to grow and cultivate your own resources.

Other people will let you down eventually, so it’s good to have the ability to handle things on your own.

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