6 Essential Life Skills you will NEVER Learn in School

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There is an unfortunate truth in our society that is becoming more and more clear every single day we continue to progress into the future.

Our schools have failed to provide us with the basic, essential skills that we simply need to have in order to coexist with each other, and to learn how to cope with change.

The more change that happens in our society, the more sporadic and unstable we become, simply because we have no idea how to handle it.

The other sad part is that we are totally reliant on other people to hold our hands for us, in hopes that we won’t have to do it all ourselves. This is a very pitiful way of existing and should be put to a stop. There are certain essential skills about being human, that you learn from just growing up. Don’t become someone who doesn’t grow up and never develop these skills.

1. Only You Can Make You Happy

This is actually very self-explanatory. There is no other person in the world who is going to make you feel happy other than yourself. Think about it; do you truly expect others to go out of their way specifically just for you, in order to make you happy every single day of your life?

That is a very unrealistically high expectation to have on everyone, especially the people you don’t even know yet. It is important you know how to make yourself happy because it is the most genuine feeling of happiness that you are ever going to get.