10 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath

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More and more people are becoming familiar with the term “empath” lately. What does it really mean to be an empath? “Empath” comes from Greek, “em” meaning in, and “pathos” meaning feeling. It indicates the type of person who can feel what others are feeling.

This sense of understanding is multiplied several times for an empath. They are the most sensitive and intuitive individuals on the planet.

If you are an empath, you are sensitive to your surroundings, which often causes you to feel too much.

Unfortunately, if you are surrounded my negative energies, they can also cause you to act malevolently. This trait can make you an easy target for manipulators and psychopaths.

All the hate, misery, and suffering in the world weigh down your soul. You no longer have a tolerance for negative people and the energy carry around.

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Many empaths can lose grip on their own feeling and can no longer distinguish between their own feelings and those coming from external sources.

Those around the empath cannot feel and often do not understand what you are going through. Often times empaths are misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and/or depression.

Here are ten obvious reasons why you should never consider messing around with a true empath!

1. Empaths can instantly detect lies, ‘big’ or ‘small’.

A boy laying in a field of dark crass, hands behind his head.
Pexels / Valentin Angel Fernandez
Pexels / Valentin Angel Fernandez

This is often considered to be the most powerful gift that empaths have been blessed with. If someone lies to an empath, they will almost never get away with it. Empaths have many internal alarm signals for detecting lies.

Empaths have an innate ability to sense dishonesty and discomfort. Whether it is a big circle of lies or a harmless white-lie, the empath will always sense it.