Small Habits That Say A Lot About You

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Becoming the best version of yourself and mastering your destiny can be a daunting task, but not if you know how to bring pure abundance into your life. 

Learn how to reshape your cellular memory with the imprint of love, success, health, wealth and happiness using a key that’s already within your body

1. The color of the clothes you wear.

An Elderly Woman in Red Shirt Sitting on a Woven Chair.
Pexels / RODNAE Productions
Pexels / RODNAE Productions

Psychology Today claims that the color of the clothing you wear says more about you than many other superficial factors.

If you tend to choose darker, naturally occurring earth tones, you may be more sensitive and artistic. If you wear colors such as bright red, you’re more likely to be energetic, lively and more outspoken.

2. If you bite your nails.

People who show nervous body habits, such as biting nails or tapping feet while sitting are seen as high anxiety and sometimes thought to be easily distracted or bored.

People may think you are impatient or easily frustrated as well.

3. The shoes you wear.

It sounds petty and small, but some psychologists believe that you can judge a lot of things about a person based on the type of shoes they wear.

Analyzing things like the wear or lack thereof, apparent cost and style of a shoe can tell you about someone’s possible income, age or maturity level, or even gender.

4. The way you shake hands.

This is one we’ve probably all heard at one point or another from Dad or the boss at work.

Your handshake can either give an impression of strength and confidence, or weakness and self-doubt.

It can also say a lot about how shy or outgoing a person naturally is.

5. Your penmanship.

According to at least one study, there can even be major personality differences in people who have different types of handwriting.

Very small, tidy writing can indicate shyness and introversion, whereas larger, more loose letters may be indicative of just the opposite, extroversion and and outgoing nature.

The study also found that people who took more care and time to write neatly were generally more intuitive and empathetic.

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