Never Regret A Day In Your Life

9 Things You Shouldn't Care About Anymore

Human beings tend to spend a lot of time thinking about and fixating on the wrong things.

Not that we don't try to prioritize our time and thoughts to be beneficial, we just lose sight of what's really important or maybe not important at all.

We all know, or maybe are, that person who just dwells and dwells, putting far more effort, energy and worry into things that they should really let go of.

When you're focusing on the wrong things, it's nearly impossible to make true progress as a person and in your life. This is not a good way to live.

Sometimes though, it can be difficult to keep in mind the things we should or shouldn't allow ourselves to get caught up and care too much about.

Here are 9 things you can just quit caring about today if you're ready to move on and upward with your life and self-growth.

1. Regrets and mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, remembering the challenges and difficulties of the past is important, you don't want to make the same mistakes or poor decisions all over again simply because you've blocked it from your brain.

But dwelling on those mistakes and regrets, obsessing over what could have gone differently or what should have been done differently, isn't going to make them disappear and it won't help you in the present.

You should use that energy for forethought now instead, consider your past experiences from an objective point of view and apply what you've learned to your current situation.

2. Rationalizations and excuses.

When it comes down to it, nobody wants to hear excuses.

Either you take full responsibility for what has transpired, or you admit that you fell short this time, and try harder next time.

You're never going to be able to find better ways of being successful and following through if you can't even own the fact that you've failed before.

So you didn't get it right and you couldn't achieve what you wanted to. Find out where you went wrong and make the proper adjustments, rather than making excuses.

3. Have and have not.

There is great pressure these days to chase shallow symbols of status.

Even the most enlightened of us falls victim to the peer and societal pressure placed upon us over these things.

A beautiful home for entertaining or a brand new car that can achieve speeds we could never even legally attempt to reach on the public roads; most of us know deep down that these things will not bring us happiness or make us better human beings, but we often waste a lot of time and energy trying to obtain them anyway.

You need to shift your priorities. A new expensive toy may not change you as a person, but a unique experience will.

Giving a generous gift certainly could. There are far more important and beneficial ways to enrich ourselves, forget the brand names and bank balance and focus on the intangible and immeasurable gains.

4. The need for comfort and familiarity.

Most people are very fond of their comfort zones. This is a place, emotional and mental or actual/physical, in which everything is known, expected and predictable.

We like this because there is no fear of the unknown, there is nothing spontaneous to be thrown at us out of the dark.

Unfortunately this is also the best way to stunt your personal growth and sink into stagnation. Humans are wired to adapt to the unfamiliar.

We are the epitome of evolution and it is entirely in our nature to perform most admirably when we are forced to be resourceful, when we are taken by surprise. Don't stifle your potential.

5. Failure.

To fail is to learn. To fail is to come one step closer to achievement and success.

Every time you fail, you learn another way that doesn't work, and you are able to move on to new methods which may very well produce exactly the results you want.

Our society often teaches us that failure is bad, that it's something to ashamed of, but the only time one should be disappointed or ashamed is when they have refused to try. That is the only true failure.

6. Toxic people and unhealthy relationships.

This often has to do with an unhealthy comfort zone.

People would astound you with how long they will stick around fighting for a friend or lover who makes them absolutely miserable, simply because it is what they're used to.

The reality is that sometimes things just go bad, you lose the connection you once had and you're left with two people who no longer help or care for each other in any meaningful way.

Don't cling to it just because you feel like you have to. Toxic relationships are harmful to everyone involved, there's nothing selfish about letting go of something that's been dead and over for a long time.

7. Momentary gratification and recognition.

People like to be acknowledged and rewarded for the things they do and the work they contribute.

This is understandable to some degree, but it also doesn't really serve a purpose other than to feed your ego. It can be a motivation to put in effort, but it's really not a very healthy one at that.

You should be motivated by intrinsic values, your own passion and drive or emotional fulfillment that comes from being proud of what you've put out into the world. Don't get caught up in things like awards and plaques with your name on them.

8. Preconceptions and judgments.

We all form judgments in our heads very quickly when we come into contact with a new person.

It's a part of our nature to take what information we have, even if that is woefully little, and form an impression based on it.

It's important not to be hasty in doing so however, and to be kind and patient about it. Consider always, how much you don't know, rather than the bit you do.

It's fine to have opinions about people and things, just don't go around eagerly and harshly assigning them before you have all the information available.

It's not your job and it doesn't serve you to place so much focus on others anyway. In other words you'd be better off minding your own business and worrying about yourself.

9. The destination, as opposed to the journey.

In the fast moving modern world of technology and quick fixes, we are far too worried about the "end result".

We obsess so much over the finished product, the sale, the deadline, or the ultimate goal, that we end up skipping over valuable and important lessons in how we get there.

You have to remember to pace yourself in life. Appreciate the beauty and worth of the moment.

Love your journey, don't rush through it. In the end, you will want to remember every detail of the path you have walked. You will want to know how you got there.

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