5 Things You Should Never Have To Settle For

1. Someone else's rules.

It can be hard to conform to someone else's standards of success or expectations of you. Don't settle for someone else's rules though. This is your life, probably your only shot at it. Live it the way you want to live it.

2. Living somewhere you hate.

Again, you have one shot at life. So if you live somewhere awful that doesn't work for you, stop living there. Move somewhere you'll enjoy being. Live a long, full, happy life in an environment you'll enjoy.

3. Working a job you hate.

Seriously folks. We're post-recession these days. There are jobs out there. It's hard to enjoy work because it's, well, work, but get a job that actually works for you.

4. A crappy relationship.

Again, only one life to live. Why spend it with someone you don't really want to be with? Why spend it with someone when you know there's someone better out there for you? Be in a relationship you actually want.

5. Inadequacy.

If you feel like you're not good enough, strive to be something better. Don't settle for mediocrity.

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