5 Things You Should Never Tolerate In Your Relationship

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The thing about relationships is that you are constantly figuring out what works and what doesn’t. There are certain warning signs in a person’s relationship that they fail to recognize before it’s way too late to do anything about it.

It’s important for two people to communicate what is making them happy in the relationship, as well as what’s making them not so happy. Here are some of the critical warning signs in a relationship that you should be on the lookout for:

1. Always Negative

If the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with happens to be negative all the time, this is one of the most critical warning signs that there is something wrong in the relationship.

If your significant other has nothing better to do than complain to you about all the things that you are doing wrong, you may want to consider confronting them about this, or consider leaving them all together. No one needs to have constant negativity around them 24/7. If there is no solution to fixing their negative views, then really consider walking away from this person.

2. Emotionally Unavailable

If the person you are with tends to be shy, insecure, or just doesn’t want to express any of their emotions to you, this person may not be emotionally available at this moment in their lives.

People who act like this typically have something much deeper inside that is keeping them from giving you all of their personality. Until they can figure out what is holding them back so much, they cannot fully give you all of their emotions, or explain to you how they feel. It is important that they come to terms with this in their own time.

3. Always Second Best

If your significant other tends to put everything else before your needs, this is another warning sign you should think about. If you truly feel as if the person you love deliberately places literally everything else before you, then you should consider leaving this person.

Yes, life in general can be very demanding on a person; however, you should always put your loved one first above everything else. They deserve to come first, and shouldn’t be treated as if they are second best.

4. Neediness

If the person you’re with tends to be one of the neediest people on the planet, think deeply about your relationship.

If this person is demanding things from you on the fly, regardless of your own needs, you should take some time to consider if it’s really worth breaking your back for a person who is going to walk all over you and take so much from you at the same time. Your needs are just as important. If they are unwilling to do even the smallest of favors, then you should think long and hard about staying with this person.

5. Controlling

If the person you are with tends to be bossy, moody, and just overall controlling, you need to find the nerve to change your situation. If you truly don’t mind being ordered about, never doing things your way, always having it their way or the highway, then you should probably consider leaving this person.

Someone who feels the need to constantly be in control of things obviously has a hard time with change in general. The thing about relationships is that they are always changing. If your partner isn’t happy with any kind of change in your love for each other, then this relationship may not be for you.

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