6 Things You Should Never Tolerate In Your Relationship

While many desire a strong, capable and loyal partner, not everyone knows how to hold on to them once found. The rules for being with a strong character or a more meek personality are basically the same.

They prioritize things differently and will react differently to various affronts. Be prepared for some potentially emotional and verbal skirmishes, as any tenacious and confident lover won’t hesitate to fight when they feel it justified.

If you are in a relationship with a powerful person, the list below will help you communicate more clearly and work towards a better relationship. If you feel that you are not being all you can be romantically, the list will also provide some standards to help you realize your own.

Their Partner’s Ex Hanging Around

This is a common occurrence and an awful drag. Whether their ex is physically, digitally, or in remembrance still a part of their life, the effect is the same. Focusing on the future (and present) is all the more harder if there are constant and powerful reminders still present.

Life isn’t always cut and dried. Maybe the ex is their boss, neighbor or just happens to be around more. The two of you need to communicate honestly and openly about how this is affecting both of you, individually and in the relationship.

Within reasonable means, everything should be done to limit or remove past relationships from your current one