Never Wait

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When asked, people in palliative care, people who are near the end of their lives, are open about their lives. When faced with mortality, you grow the most as a person.

Everyone experiences a host of emotions when faced with the end, and everyone has a regret or two. Here are the five most common:

1. I wish I had been true to myself.

We’re faced with pressure all the time to conform to what society wants us to be, but how often has that stepped on who you want to be?

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Honor yourself and be true to yourself. Don’t live the life others expect from you.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so much.

Civilization is a way of life that has rewarded us with ease of living, but we have to work hard for it. People at the end of their lives often express the regret of working so much.

They worked their lives away. It’s important to have something to do, but we’re saddled with impressive debts and the demand for production.