Scientists Have Just Invented A New Color And It’s Absolutely Mind Blowing

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The world is full of unexpected surprises and sometimes those surprises are the creation of something magnificent. Especially when it comes to the world of science and research.

Some of our greatest inventions are born into the world without ever having the intent of being created in the first place. Just to list off some of these unexpected creations a good place to start would be the creation of fire, electricity, as well as the rubber used for the tires of your car.

This can seem impossible to some people, but in truth a lot of amazing things in this world are fabricated out of thin air and by accident.

The circumstances of this accident in particular, took place with a chemist, Subramanian, and his team of scientists, located at Oregon State in the year of 2009 when they had begun to demonstrate chemical tests on new materials to see their usefulness with electronic applications.

They had mixed together manganese oxide as well as several other chemicals, in which they exposed them to a whopping temperature of 2,000°F.

The project was to make an entirely new electronic circuit element but instead what they created was an entirely new shade of blue that has never been seen in the world before.

The color is referred to as YlnMn blue. This color is so incredible that it’s manganese ions absorb green and red light but only reflects this deep shade of blue. The name it was given is due to it’s chemical make-up.

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The reason as to why no one has heard of this color before is because the University had to secure a specific licensing agreement from the Shepherd Color Company.

There is more to this color that meets the eye, however, other than it’s unique hue. This color is only to be created without any toxic chemicals involved as to perfect it’s fullest potential.

The other reason why this color is precious is because the way the color reflects light is efficient enough for people to begin decorating buildings with it, repelling heat instead of absorbing into the building itself.

As Subramanian states:

“We already knew it had advantages of being more durable, safe and fairly easy to produce. Now it also appears to be a new candidate for energy efficiency.

That’s right, a color that is entirely energy efficient. YlnMn blue buildings could be apart of the future as they would reduce cooling costs during the summer time for homes that do not have efficient ways to keep themselves at a comfortable temperature.

There have been some cities that have been decorating their homes with blue for centuries. Perhaps now is the time the rest of the world catches up and does the same thing!

We welcome this brand new color into our world with open arms and mindful paintbrushes. Hopefully, the rest of us will see the beauty that is this fascinating accident and utilize it in every single possible way. The future looks blue, but in a very good way!