5 Awesome New Inventions That Will Revolutionize Your Life

1. The Plazmatic Flameless Lighter

No more butane, no more annoying windy lighter attempts, the Plazmatic Flameless Lighter is interesting because it doesn't actually use fire at all. It creates a hot plasma arc between two electrodes that allows you to light whatever you happen to be lighting with ease. It works with cigarettes, "water pipes," any size cigar, charges via USB, and can light 10 or more times with each charge. Totally butane and chemical free.

2. The XStat 30 Wound Dresser.

This funny looking device is the XStat 30, perfect for situations in which you have a deep wound in an arm or a leg. It was developed by the military and was recently okay'd by the FDA for civilian use as a way to stop bleeding from gunshot wounds. Not the worst idea to have it if you live in the United States and intend to, well, live in the United States.

3. Antimicrobial, Germ-killing Paint.

Paint Shield, developed by Sherwin-Williams, as a microbicidal paint hat kills over 99.9% of staph, MRSA, e. colie, VRE and other bacterial agents after just 20 minutes of exposure. It inhibits the growth of common microbes on walls. This is ideal for hospitals, schools, public spaces, and homes for people who have compromised immune systems.

4. Alternative ballistics gun.

Police and civilians both could benefit from this device. It makes the first shot fired out of a gun (probably) non-deadly, serving as a warning shot as opposed to a shot intended to maim and kill. Sorry double-barrel pistol owners, it's only developed for single-barrel so far.

5. The Superhuman Lens.

Developed by an optometrist in Canada, this special lens gives you triple 20/20 vision at any age. The surgery is complete in only 8 minutes. He developed it to help free people of the need for expensive visual aids.

“My heroes were cowboys, and cowboys just did not wear glasses," Dr. Webb says. And doctors all over the world are intrigued by his development.

“I think this device is going to bring us closer to the holy grail of excellent vision at all ranges — distant, intermediate and near," said Dr. Vincent DeLuise, an ophthalmologist who teaches at Yale University as well as Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.

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