CONFIRMED: NASA Just Discovered Earth Has A New Moon

One of the most amazing discoveries of late, is that NASA has just declared Earth is appearing to have a second moon that has been orbiting around our big blue sphere for nearly a century now, without our knowledge whatsoever.

That's right, a second moon! However this moon isn't exactly the same size as the other one. In fact it should be called an asteroid that just so happens to be wandering around with us as we fly through space.

Luckily this second "moon" was found by the Pan-STARRS 1 asteroid survey telescope located in Haleakala, Hawaii.

This asteroid has been extremely illusive due to it's sporadic and unusual path of orbit around the Earth. Tilted at eight degrees, the asteroid is considered to be highly elliptical, which makes it able to travel within the ranges of 38 to 100 times the distance, compared to our "first moon".

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

This moon is also being referred to as asteroid 2016 Ho3. Apparently it has been captured in our gravitational pull for just about a century and has been doing a wonderful job of evading our eye for the stars above. In addition, the asteroid makes it's way around the sun for 365.93 days, which is seemingly a tad longer than Earth's 365.24.

Spanning about 40 meters across and about 100 meters wide, the asteroid's orbit tends to be one of the more harder things to track. Because of it's tilt as well as elliptical orbit, the asteroid may appear closer to the sun and can seem to be moving extremely fast compared to our planet. At other times the asteroid may be found farther away but moving slowly.

According to a researcher, the asteroid is expected to never get closer than about 14 million kilometers away from Earth. They also claim that the asteroid will never stray off it's course more than 40 million kilometers. The asteroid is expected to be around for many more centuries before it decides it has bigger plans in the universe.

What do you think about this crazy new phenomena? Do you have any thoughts or concerns about this new discovery in the stars above?

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