New Moon Rising In Aquarius: Prepare For The Huge Shift On February 4th, 2019

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There is a special lunar event that is taking place on February 4th, 2019 as the new moon will be rising in the sky.

This astronomical event will bring along a cosmic energy shift that will affect us all. A new moon is when the moon enters its first phase and lines up with the sun.

Due to the fact that the moon is positioned between our planet and the sun, this alignment makes the moon appear invisible from our vantage point on Earth.

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According to Zodiac astrology, when the sun and moon become fixed in a parallel line, they are also aligning at the same point in the Zodiac.

This alignment creates a burst of energy during the new moon phase and the world and everything in it can become greatly affected by the attributes of their personal Zodiac sign.

The current new moon is occurring on February 4th and falls under Aquarius.

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