New Moon In Leo: A Major Shift Is Coming Your Way On August 2nd

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Tuesday might seem like a pretty boring day of the week overall, but today is actually a very very special Tuesday. And with everything, all the scary stuff, happening in the world right now, I welcome the shift that’s underway.

The new moon is rising in Leo, and that’s something to get excited about.

Normally in each month, we welcome at least one new moon and one full moon. During a new moon, the world is beamed with the characteristics of the sign it’s in.

So when the new moon finds itself in Leo, the earth is beamed with Leo energy. You should be super stoked, because Leos are amazing.

Sure, they catch a bad rap due to their incredible egos and sometimes bullish tendencies, but they’re also incredibly passionate, creative, and kind spirits.

They vigorously pursue the things they want as if the universe itself is backing them up. And in times as scary as these, with crazy nationalism and violence everywhere, we could use some passionate kindness.

Be good to yourself

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During this month, and especially tomorrow, be kind to yourself. Turn some generosity inward. Take care of yourself.

People often experience success because they take care of themselves and don’t let self-doubt ruin themselves. They know when to treat themselves.

Set goals