New Moon In Leo: Are You Ready For The PushBack Of The Energy Shift?

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This week, a contemplative yet courageous New Moon in Leo rises on July 28th. This moon is all about pushing back against the constant drive for self-improvement, for material growth and expansion.

Instead, it asks that you work with the “heart” energy associated with Leo to grow and expand from within.

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A Constant Push For “More, More, More”

Our culture has a pervasive narrative about “improvement” that is frequently unhelpful, if not destructive. The notion that achievement means “more.” An increase in wealth, friends, your career; a more “exciting” life full of travel; a better body, a bigger home, a nicer car.

woman carrying shopping bags with sunglasses on
Freestocks / Unsplash
Freestocks / Unsplash

There is a social expectation that if you are not constantly “improving” yourself, you are not “growing” and are therefore stagnant, or worse, lazy.