New Moon In Scorpio Brings Awakening Of Raw Energy: Here’s What To Expect

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This week, a powerful New Moon in Scorpio rises on November 4th. This moon is deeply emotional and healing, infused with raw energy. Truths will be revealed and profound awakenings will happen. Here’s what you should expect from this energy shift.

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Except Social And Cultural Shifts On A Global Scale

hand holding a floating lit globe

Greg Rosenke / Unsplash

Greg Rosenke / Unsplash

New Moons are always connected to new beginnings and this energy is very at home in Scorpio season: a time of transformation, change, and deep personal connection.

This New Moon is asking us to connect with what we really need, what speaks to our soul. Social and cultural shifts are taking place around the world — especially in the ways people work and live, and what they value and hold dear.

Value Systems Are Taking On New Meaning

hand outing out a single flower held in between it

Lina Trochez / Unsplash

Lina Trochez / Unsplash

For many, freedom of time, independence, and a connection with nature are superseding the desire for more money or material success. The structure we thought was permanent is beginning to fade away.

Value systems are being reassessed and there is a collective understanding that the status quo is not working and we are about to enter a new collective journey. One that is as subversive and authentic as Scorpio.

Embrace The Darkness And Fear

man sits in the mist of mountain reflection

Peter LlOYD / Unsplash

Peter LlOYD / Unsplash

​In the dark quiet of this New Moon, sit with your own emotions and reflect on these changes. It is through this deep reflection that truths are illuminated, awakenings happen, and powerful art is born.

Allow your deepest fears, hopes, and dreams to rise to the surface and envelop this new space of opportunity and awareness.

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Use The Intensity To Your Advantage

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Rowan Chestnut / Unsplash

Rowan Chestnut / Unsplash

Scorpionic energy is very emotional and intuitive so it is no surprise that this week may be intense for you. You may feel the urge to have heart-to-heart conversations with those you care about, but your emotions are so strong you are worried you might scare them off. Don’t be.

Under this healing lunation, those closest to you are yearning to connect on a deep substantive level.

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