New Moon Rising In Gemini: Prepare For The Massive Energy Shift On June 3rd 2019

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Spring of 2019 has been a season of change on the astrological plane. The dazzling supermoon on March 20th coincided with the spring equinox with the sun in Pisces and the moon in Libra.

As the stable and rational Libra clashed with the emotionally intense Pisces, it created an explosion of energy that invited exploration and re-evaluation of goals.

In May, the Full Flower Moon rose in Scorpio on May 18. The Full Flower Moon, according to the traditions of the Algonquin people of North America, celebrates the Earth’s awakening into its fertility.

This year it also rose as a Blue Moon, the next of which we won’t see until August of 2021.

Scorpio made the emotionally intense full moon even more so, drawing the focus to relationship and the pursuit of personal balance.

If you found yourself re-evaluating your interpersonal and intrapersonal choices, you weren’t alone.

This New Moon rises in Gemini, which promises to bring a major shift in energy. What does all this mean for you? Let’s break it down.

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New Moon Rising – Information Overload?

On June 3, things will shift to a larger scale as the new moon rises in Gemini. This will continue the trend of change, Gemini being the sign of inspiration and innovation.

It’s the time to plant a seed, be it metaphorical or literal, but be patient – you might not see results for six months or more.

Expect facts and information to rule the day in Gemini, unlike when the moon is in the emotionally intense Scorpio.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed

You might, in fact, end up with too much information to handle. That’s because, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is now in opposition to the sun and moon. Jupiter ruling Gemini often results in information overload.

Also, the new moon in Gemini is square to Neptune in Pisces, so the information you get may be overwhelming or confusing. If you’re dealing with leaders of any kind, particularly in regards to the law, be alert to deception.

The Bigger Picture

Because it’s rising with Pluto still in Capricorn, the new moon in Gemini could mean large-scale change as well as personal shifts.

Pluto tends to disassemble and reassemble signs that it passes through. In the control-focused and tradition-bound Capricorn, that can mean organizational unrest.

As Pluto moves through Capricorn, it has the potential to disrupt power structures. Those in power could experience chaos within their ranks, while those without could act on the opportunity to make a change.

Be on the lookout for an aspect pattern known as the streamer, which is defined in the Huber method of astrology.

The streamer flows in either direction and remains stable, but it has a tendency to manipulate in an effort to control. This aspect pattern will tighten up as the full moon approaches, so be very careful as you listen to the words of others.

The New Moon and the Signs of the Zodiac

The new moon in Gemini will affect everyone; there’s no question about that.

But the details of how it affects you – whether it touches your professional or family life, whether it inspires you to set or achieve a goal – will depend in large part on your Zodiac sign.

The Fire Signs

Aries: The shifting energy of the new moon could bring the achievement of a major goal. After this disruption, you’ll need some time to focus on quiet healing. Gemini reminds us that words have transformative power, so be careful and communicate clearly.

Leo: The generative potential of the new moon in Gemini will be social and collaborative. Gemini is a very social sign and for the Leo, it means innovation, productive teamwork, and transformative partnerships.

Sagittarius: You’ll feel the strengthening power of Gemini in relationships. The New Moon will inspire rededication to partnerships, whether they be social or professional.

The Earth Signs

If you’re an Earth sign, you’ll feel the impact of the New Moon particularly keenly.

Taurus: As the full moon rises in Gemini, you can use the boost of communicative energy to advance yourself financially. Professional relationships will start to become more clear and the Taurus will see who their allies are.

Virgo: You can expect to find yourself in the professional and civic spotlight this new moon. It’s the time to commit to those goals that are closest to your heart and soul. It will be very important to stay grounded.

Capricorn: The new moon will encourage you to focus on healing, both your own and that of others. Miscommunications may lead to relationship troubles, but your Capricorn self-assurance and grounded nature will help you to get through.

The Air Signs

Gemini: With the new moon in your own sign, your inspiration to change will be strong. You’ll be unbounded, unlimited, and driven to re-commit to your own growth.

This is a great time to set lofty goals, so choose something that will be both challenging and soul-satisfying and dedicate yourself to it.

Libra: The new moon will have you thinking about your pathway into the future and your life at the moment. Spend time reflecting on how the two can align as fully as possible, particularly where your work is concerned.

Aquarius: For you, the new moon in Gemini will inspire light-heartedness and healing through play. While others will be putting their noses to the grindstone this new moon, your change needs to be about letting go.

The Water Signs

Cancer: With your own season coming up, you’ll need to use Gemini’s transformative energy to get ready for your turning point. Gemini will make you more aware of your words and relationships, so use that to get through moments of interpersonal tension.

Scorpio: Gemini season will make you aware of how much your partnerships contribute to your life and accomplishments. Remember not to take them for granted. Also, get ready for a payoff of your hard work when the full moon comes.

Pisces: Gemini Season is one of nesting for you. The new moon will give you an opportunity to change those things that will help you to feel comfortable, at home, and grounded. Be clear and honest in your words to avoid conflict.

Preparing for the New Moon

As you come into the new moon in Gemini, you’ll already be in the midst of a time of change, brought on by the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio.

The new moon will focus your thinking and set you up for a major shift, but you’ll need to be grounded enough to accept it.

Take some time in the next few days to walk barefoot on the earth, meditate, and open yourself up to something new.

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