Major Shift Taking Place – New Moon In Sagittarius, THIS Is What It Means For You

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As we are just getting over the last major shift that we experienced from the sun setting in Sagittarius, following the grandest boost of energy that we could ever think of, we must now begin to think of the future and start sewing seeds for what we wish to accomplish with all of that great power we had.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius, there is hope, optimism, and joy planned to be associated with this next major shift. There are some things that we need to take care of first and that’s figuring out what we want to do from here.

Looking inward to see what the next step in our lives must be to accomplishing the impossible yet again.

With this New Moon taking place in Sagittarius, the energy from this astronomical phenomena will inspire you to aiming high with what you want place all your focus on.

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This is a time where projects are going to be your best friend and putting a lot of hard work as well as effort into the things that you love most and want to see grow all the more that you continue to grow.

Of course, you will not be alone while you make this journey, friends and loved ones will be there right beside you.

With this new opportunity to start planning for greater things and with such great energy to inspire our confidence, we simply must take action.

Perhaps you want to plan for your next big vacation, now would be the time to start setting everything in motion to make this a reality. Creating some kind of project if you’re an artist.

Think of all the possible things you can do with this energy to give your imagination a power boost to think of something that you might not have ever thought about before.

Expand all your points of views, look at all the angles, see all the details so that you can get a bigger picture of something magnificent.

Let your gut instincts take you to new places that you’ve never been before, go beyond your comfort zone, face your fears and take a risk you might find worth while.

Now is also the time to obtain knowledge and not trying to be condescending with what we know. Be wise and so much of as an excessive know it all.

People want to hear what you have to say but not if you’re going to literally cram it down their throats. What it really boils down to is to just be mindful, give your input when it’s relevant and necessary.

Advice and suggestions should be taken pleasantly and not as if you were forcing it upon them to do those certain things. This ties into expanding your horizons with your decision making with the power of this major shift.

Wherever your direction may go, with this major shift you are going to want to set your focus on maintaining your happiness towards these goals.

Of course, adversity will get in the way every now and then but just keep reminding yourself that there are others who are following your very exact foot steps.

Your loved ones will be with you in all of what happens through life. Hopefully this has prepared you for the next major shift that is about to take place with the new moon and Sagittarius!

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