It’s Nice To Be Told You’re Beautiful

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Think back to the last time someone gave you a compliment. How did it make you feel? Amazing? Happy? Accomplished? Determined? Stronger?

Compliments are like gifts that people give one another. And, when you pass on that gift of positive energy, the receiver can feel it deep in their soul and carry it with them throughout the day.

It makes them feel good and makes you feel good, too! But, the very best part is that they, in turn, will more than likely pass some of that positive energy on to someone else.

Any compliment that comes from the heart, filled with good intention, can have a huge impact on someone’s day, week, or even life!

But, there are some compliments that mean more than others. Telling someone their hair is pretty will make them feel good.

Telling someone you love the painting they just finished and that you think they have a ton of talent can actually influence that person to pursue a career as an artist.

With that in mind, I have listed below what I feel are 10 of the best compliments to give and receive.

1. “You always make me smile.”

Knowing that you have the gift of making someone smile is one of the greatest feelings in the world!

You know that you are brightening that person’s day merely by existing in this world. It makes you feel happy. It makes the receiver feel happy.

And, then your and their happiness is spread to others. What a wonderful thing!