Nigerians Are Using Plastic Bottles And Mud To Build Bulletproof, Fireproof, & Eco-Friendly Homes

Nigeria is employing an interesting, downright amazing way to build homes - out of mud and plastic bottles.

It sounds ridiculous, right? Chances are your home is made of brick, cinderblocks and timber. But these homes are, in all likeliness, superior to yours. They maintain a comfortable temperature, are carbon neutral, powered by solar, bullet proof, and fire proof.

We'd might as well face it: plastic trash is everywhere. It's so prevalent that scientists think 99% of birds will have plastic in their guts by 2050. Of course, using less plastic is important, and recycling is great too, but these folks are taking it to the next level.

In Nigeria, there is a certified housing crisis. Almost 16 million homes and apartments are needed to address the crisis. Traditional homes are far too expensive for many locals, so they've adopted this new strategy, first put forth by two NGOs.

They have been primarily creating two bedroom houses out of plastic bottles, mud, and cement. The bottles are filled with mud, and concrete is used to cement them into place. The wall is stronger than cinder blocks. The buildings can be built up to three stories high and require about 14,000 bottles to complete. That may seem like a lot, but nearly three million plastic bottles are discarded in Nigeria alone every day. Compare that to in the United States where we discard 130 million bottles per day.

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