9 Things You Should No Longer Care About

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Too often in life we don’t let our life or focus stay organic and shifting. We often try to live life on our terms, instead of life’s terms. We try to change our environment to us when it should be the other way.

Or we let or circumstances change us beyond our genuine expressions. Finding that balance takes a consistent awareness. Below are nine simple reminders to keep your life productive and happy.

Old Regrets

It is important to remember the past, but anything beyond simple recollections can get dicey. Mistakes happen, and they happen to the best of us.

What a person chooses to do after the die was cast, defines our character.

Don’t get caught up in ‘what could have been’ or even worse ‘what should have been’. Anything you perceive as a possibility is an illusion powered by fear, desire and ego.

You have those formations here, in the present, affecting you already, why create a double of your enemy?

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