9 Things You Should No Longer Care About

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Too often in life we don’t let our life or focus stay organic and shifting. We often try to live life on our terms, instead of life’s terms. We try to change our environment to us when it should be the other way.

Or we let or circumstances change us beyond our genuine expressions. Finding that balance takes a consistent awareness. Below are nine simple reminders to keep your life productive and happy.

Old Regrets

It is important to remember the past, but anything beyond simple recollections can get dicey. Mistakes happen, and they happen to the best of us.

What a person chooses to do after the die was cast, defines our character.

Don’t get caught up in ‘what could have been’ or even worse ‘what should have been’. Anything you perceive as a possibility is an illusion powered by fear, desire and ego.

You have those formations here, in the present, affecting you already, why create a double of your enemy?

Instead live without regress an make every day count. Click HERE to learn what Numerology says about your life using only your Birth Date. The numerology of your birth date, regardless of your Zodiac sign, can help you discover detailed information about who you truly are and what is hiding in your subconscious.


Our egos make life more complicated than it really is. Our choices for actions are pretty cut and dry, you either achieved a task or you didn’t.

Any number of reasons behind why you didn’t do something, doesn’t change the fact that it didn’t get done. You can choose to try again or waste your time and energy making excuses.

What You Do Not Have

Society pressures us into conforming with materialistic gain, making connections to our pride and emotions to enforce that pressure. Some of the perceived gains from material goods don’t even make sense.

‘If I had a cool, new car, then I could get the woman of my dreams’, is a crazy thought.

The car will not make you better person (though Prius owners would argue), can not create a loving relationship, or make you happy in any sustainable and productive way.

We pin spiritual growth on external objects because we are lazy or afraid. We don’t want to put forth the effort to make our dream a reality, so we seek to make it look like we are.

We sometimes fear growth because it means a fundamental change and even if we are stuck in a hellish cycle, it is a cycle we are familiar with.

The Need To Feel Safe And Comfortable

The need to always seek safety and the refusal to be uncomfortable, whether spiritually, mentally or physically confuses me. Your comfort zone is an area that you deny reality and reinforce illusions.

In your house, there could be a fire, or aggressive burglar. Among your friends there is the potential for cruelly spoken words. In every situation, there are elements that are out of our control and can hurt us.


When we don’t achieve our goal, we perceive that as a failure. That word though has such heavier emotional content to it than it should.

When were unable to overcome an obstacle we beat ourselves up over it, belittling our self worth until we ‘do better’.

You have only failed when you say you have failed. You are the one that frames the terms of your success.

At my rock climbing gym I see people fall all the time (don’t worry there are ropes and safety measures). Some people get frustrated and quit.

Others get mad and upset at eh rocks or themselves.

Others laugh about it, get back on the wall and try again. The people who make it to the top are considered successful regardless of whether they fell or threw a fit.

Toxic Or Unrewarding Relationships

The friends we choose are clear reflections of us as individuals. They are the people that can inspire us to do better or drag us down into unproductive patterns.

Being Rewarded All The Time

The happiest people are the ones that can lay their ego aside and work for the greater good. A well developed person doesn’t do good deeds for the praise or reward. To them it simply how everyone should act.

They don’t rely on an external reward structure to make them feel good or validated.

When you die, everything that you did solely for your benefit dies with you. But everything you made better in your life will continue on to positively influence others.


Judgements form quick and easily, without much provocation. Remember that you are seeing a highly subjective illusion version of that person when you judge them.

People project out a version of themselves that they are comfortable with, to hide insecurities, and flaws. Here take people at face value but don’t forego your common sense.

The ‘End Result’

Life is about the journey, and the means we choose, are as important as the goal. Don’t get caught between your projected realities and the people around you.

Remember to breathe!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep our eye on the horizon and where your feet are at the same time. You set your pace in life, so just stop, take stock and carry on when you’re ready.

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