THIS Is Why Nikola Tesla Wanted Us To Study The “Non-Physical”

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Nearly everyone has fantasized about a secret, mysterious, and exciting reality behind the everyday experience. Popular books and movies reflect this curiosity, portraying seemingly average people being swept up in a magical world residing just beyond the surface of normality.

We crave to find a deeper existence, to be more than we seem, to touch the void and find that it is not empty, but simmering with unknown possibility.

As it turns out, the science of parapsychology has uncovered compelling evidence that the human mind holds exactly this kind of power. Numerous studies, conducted by collegiate projects and government agencies have found startling links to human thought and intention, and inexplicable phenomena.

Out of body experiences, telepathy and precognition are old hats in the para-psychological world, and have surprising amounts of strong cases to back them. The instantaneous sharing of thoughts, dreams, and experiences indicate that the human mind is integrated with a dimension unseen, a place non-physical and unlimited. A variety of other phenomena you might not know about corroborates this idea.

Perhaps most striking are cases in which people have been observed to possess knowledge they couldn’t possibly have. Remote viewing, in which people with purported abilities to locate objects they have never seen, have been investigated and verified by the DIA and CIA. Similarly, there have been incidences where people, have recalled past life events. In my experience, most folks claiming past lives have taken a few too many hallucinogens, and describe conveniently glamorous former lives; they were persons tied to wealth, fame or glory.

But the truly compelling cases worth examining involve children with knowledge based in fact, and well beyond their years. Many of these youths recall past lives that coincide with actual history, and whose recall only begins to diminish with the development of late adolescence. One case in particular involved 1 year old boy able to describe his deceased grandparents with impossible detail.

If the idea of kids being mentally linked to a collective unconscious is spooky, consider the numerous cases of people connected to each other. Medical studies involving couples aimed to observe whether or not the thoughts and intentions to heal a partner could have any effect on actual healing. In other words, is healing remotely possible.

In fact, between control and test groups, the study showed that the mental focus of those around us can have a real impact; partners subjected to their loved ones intentions to heal them saw a jump in their immune response.

Its fascinating to read about interpretive, qualitative studies on paranormal phenomenon, but equally intriguing and even more compelling are studies that tackle the strange and wonderful with qualitative data. A project with the aim of observing the power of the mind on quantum physics yielded astonishing results.

The experiment centered around a double-slit wave interference test, and found that both observation and intention altered the result of the test in measurable ways. Exactly how, the project could not reveal, but it is apparent that our thoughts directly impact the energies around us.

Not all of us can afford the time and expense to conduct our own experiments on the power of thought. Fortunately, the ample evidence already circulating leads to an obvious conclusion: we who possess the marvel of independent thought can project it into our world and reach beyond ourselves.

While limited in our life spans and physical abilities, the human mind is not only infinite within, but has infinite reach without. As we continue to study the non-physical aspects of our existence, no doubt will the empowerment of each individual increase exponentially, bringing us into realms we only dreamed of.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ― Nikola Tesla

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