5 Benefits To Crying That Uplift Both Yourself And Others

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Society has painted crying as a sign of weakness and instability for both men and women. This is not a true representation of crying’s purpose. Crying is just another way of venting negative emotions. It is a powerful cleansing tool.

While you should not try to use crying as your main method of dealing with stress and negativity, if it happens then you shouldn’t try to stop it. It takes bravery to cry these days, and that’s sad in and of its self.

1. You Face Your Emotions Directly

A closeup of a woman's eyes, looking off to her right.
Pexels / Nikolaos Dimou
Pexels / Nikolaos Dimou

Crying is a genuine expression of your emotions. The way you cry can’t be controlled, it’s pure expression. It takes a lot of bravery to do this.

You acknowledged the problems at hand and they made you sad. Or you have been holding in emotions, not treating or respecting them, they built up and became more volatile.

Let your tears flow with pride. If they stay in your body they will revert to poison.