5 Benefits To Crying That Uplift Both Yourself And Others

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Society has painted crying as a sign of weakness and instability for both men and women. This is not a true representation of crying’s purpose. Crying is just another way of venting negative emotions. It is a powerful cleansing tool.

While you should not try to use crying as your main method of dealing with stress and negativity, if it happens then you shouldn’t try to stop it. It takes bravery to cry these days, and that’s sad in and of its self.

1. You Face Your Emotions Directly

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Pexels / Nikolaos Dimou
Pexels / Nikolaos Dimou

Crying is a genuine expression of your emotions. The way you cry can’t be controlled, it’s pure expression. It takes a lot of bravery to do this.

You acknowledged the problems at hand and they made you sad. Or you have been holding in emotions, not treating or respecting them, they built up and became more volatile.

Let your tears flow with pride. If they stay in your body they will revert to poison.

2. You Don’t Care What Others Think Of You

Crying direct way to show our emotions. Most people refuse to be that vulnerable, bottling these emotions up. Realizing the power of your tears, you let them drop when you need to.

People will react to this expression in different ways. You are obviously dealing with a lot in your life and your not going to add the judgments of others to your list of problems.

3. Crying Releases Stress And Pent Up Emotions

It’s almost as effective as intercourse, in that it removes negative emotions and instills positive ones.

You can’t ignore your feelings and expect to feel better. You not only need understand how you feel, but you search out the reason that led to this formation.

Sometimes the overwhelming amount or strength of these emotions makes understanding them and their origins difficult. When you genuinely reflect,

4. Tears Makes You Feel Better In General

If you never vent your negative emotions they build up and cause more than just mental and spiritual problems, they can effect your health poorly.

Happiness and laughter are time tested ways to heal faster, keep up your metabolism and immune system. Eyes are windows to the soul, so wash them occasionally!

5. You Help Others Express Themselves More Genuinely

Many adults have trouble letting themselves cry, social stigmas have colored the public’s perceptions poorly. Not wanting to be judged unfairly, people censor they way they communicate.

It’s impossible to control tears once you start to start they do everything to not cry. Energy is now being split not only suppressing their feelings but also altering their expressions.

That’s a lot of energy spent to not be productive. Once people see you being genuine and reaping the benefits of your honesty and bravery, they will be inspired to do the same.

People will start to turn to you to express in ways they aren’t used to. Respect their vulnerability by affirming that you aren’t judging them, they are in a safe place and they are valid in their feelings.

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