Noticing The Number 11:11 Often? Here’s Why

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First of all, if you’re reading this, then you are here for a reason. The number 1111 is the angel number and if you have been synchronized to notice it repetitively then you have been given a sign by the angel. Whether you chose to believe in it or not, is up to you. What you can’t deny is the odds of its coincidence.

Except in the universe, nothing is really a product of coincidence. The butterfly effect causes a chain reaction where every little decision or action causes a reaction, as experienced from one person to the next. Whether we like it or not, we’re all touching each other’s lives one way or another. So what does 11:11 in particular mean?

You Are Aligned With Your Soul’s Purpose

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Dwang Gupta / Unsplash

Dwang Gupta / Unsplash

Did you know that all numbers have different vibrational properties? The number 11 is referred to as a “master number” because it symbolizes intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together to form 11:11 it is sending out double the vibrations to make you conscious and aware.

It is confirming to you that your energetic doorway is being open because you are experiencing spiritual growth. By loving and working on yourself you have aligned yourself with your souls’ purpose and are getting closer to reaching your highest self.

A Portal Is Opening To You

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Gahan N Rao / Unsplash

Gahan N Rao / Unsplash

You are likely to see this number if you have been trying to manifest your goals and desires lately. This number is reassuring you that opportunity is within your reach. Your prayers are being answered.

Through willful action and positive affirmations, this portal is opening up a direct line for you to ask so that you can receive. Don’t be surprised if opportunities start to flow your way out of the blue.

A Lost Loved One is Watching Over You

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Neil Bates / Unsplash

Neil Bates / Unsplash

​Although we are still quite unclear about what happens to us when we depart this world, many of us continue to feel the presence of our loved ones who are long gone. if you’ve lost someone close to you, this could be their way of communicating with you.

To determine what they’re trying to say, consider where you are when you see the number. It could have something to do with what you were doing right before or after, or where you were.

Your Thoughts Are Becoming Reality

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Rebe Pascual / Unsplash

Rebe Pascual / Unsplash

​Everything is the result of your thought pattern. As the law of attraction states, your thoughts create vibrational frequencies that attract the same energy back. For instance, if you create a negative thought pattern, you attract more negativity.

Seeing this number may indicate that you need to change your thought pattern. You may have been coming from a place of lack lately, making it hard for the universe to align with you. Consider this a wake-up call.

You Are Remembering Yourself

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Laura Louise Grimsley / Unsplash

Laura Louise Grimsley / Unsplash

Seeing the angel number can be a sign of a spiritual awakening. As you wake up you remember who you are and why you were placed on this earth. You feel more connected to nature and motivated to fulfill your purpose.

This state of being can make you feel really grateful for the people and the earth surrounding you. it gives you a new appreciation for life and its cycles. You may even discover new skills and talents.

Relationships Are Forming

As 11 11 is associated with a spiritual awakening it can also indicate that you are aligning with your soulmate or twin flame. Consider the relationships in your life as you may have already formed a spiritual partnership that is designed to help you grow.

Remember that twin flames don’t need to be to romantic, although that level of intimacy makes them even more powerful. Be receptive to the ways these relationships will push you as they can take you to new heights.

Make A Wish

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Almos Bechtold / Unsplash

Almos Bechtold / Unsplash

The most beautiful factor in this number is that it carries a lot of magic. It is the perfect time to make a wish. This wish is heard through the open portal and can be a really powerful moment of manifestation.

Consider how your wish can impact you and those around you. Free yourself of any doubt and truly believe that anything is possible.

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