November Energy Update – Prepare For Some Shocking Revelations

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Hey love… you have a choice which direction you take from here.

How do you move forward knowing these new truths? How do you choose to reinvent yourself?

Important truths about you and those around you are showing up so keep your heart open to the new ways and things you couldn’t see before, from a new light!

Feel all the waves of feeling washing through you, all the undigested memories, life force, feelings, textures, colors wanting to “come home.”

Yes, some truths and hidden feelings may be shocking or rattling.

Allow the energy to move freely.

You are safe to feel, be and exist just as you are.

Trust yourself and you’ll open up new gateways of seeing and receiving yourself.

The magic happens in the profound moment of choice, even when you are triggered, even in the breakdown.

Still the mind, even when you are upset.

Being still and observing without judgement is key as you “dethaw” old feelings in the body, let them flow and go, freely.

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Magic happens when you slow down the mind, step into your authentic truth and consciously allow love IN.

The wisdom-rich moment of Source and CHOICE is so much greater than the attachments, roles, masks and security blankets you leave behind.

If you feel more drained than you do alive, go within and withdraw from all energies outside you and ask yourself:

What is feeding you, making your forests vibrant green, keeping your passions lit and breathing new life into you?

What is sustainable on its own and meeting you from a place of real self love, inner freedom and truth?

Or… what is draining you, costing you, taking from you and making you feel incapable?

Who is co-dependent in your life and forcing you BOTH to stay small?

And, is this what you want?

It’s time to have a revolutionary look at the depth and purpose we all share in life and relationships.

What do you want to create—what are your planted seeds of intention going into 2020?

What ways or habits are giving you life and nourishing you?

What ways or habits are draining you; or not sustaining you?

Choose and Align to what is breathing new life into you.

Even what drains you —realize it ALL is a helpful, inner compass, showing you new paths and routes when you’re willing to receive the info intelligently and remember yourself.

You are safe to feel naked and stripped to the core and still be powerful (check within!)

You can gather great wisdom here, so long as you are able to be radically honest with yourself…


How can I explore a deeper purpose in this situation —what is the gift?

How can I create a deeper level of connection and happiness within?

What is love to me?

What is operating as manipulation, addiction/attachment?

Ask yourself these questions and you’ll start to receive info. Do your research.

See things for what they are and choose what you want by giving it to yourself in smaller bites.

What do you really want to create from here from a soul level place?

What are you willing to BE the recipe of, that which you want to attract outside of you?

This entire year has held a theme of being accountable—being your own healer, lover, creator.

This profound, magical manifesting energy is demanding that you to take the leap and trust all the way…

So this means throw out the crutch, cut the chords and burn up the last remnants of the old that is screaming to die, especially before you head into 2020.

It’s time to trust yourself more than you ever thought you could as you enter new worlds.

No more being available for abuse.