Trust The Vibes You Get, Energy Doesn’t Lie

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Hey beautiful creators and loves,

I am going to let this update flow out effortlessly and keep it as short as possible.

It’s been such a potent, uplifting time probing me to move, make big decisions and take a bigger leap!

So it is.

Remembering my own soul, my own worth.

Leaning into the next phase with more trust and devotion.

Allowing myself to create more of my dreams through greater awareness, surrendering control, heart discipline and integrity.

Knowing my own energy and what to say NO to, so that I can say yes 1000x stronger to what I am aligned with.

I am also surrendering deeper into unknown parts of my spiritual mission & journey (something that hasn’t always been easy for me..)

No grinding, striving or climbing – only being more rooted inward and effortlessly shining!

And this week I am taking a massive leap with my company and journey right now, receiving my way forward…

Even cleaning up my desk last night, right before sitting down to write, an oldie pops on internet radio by Snatam Kaur, “Longtime Sun…”

Tears flow and my belly swirls to the chest as my sacral and heart opens..the message I got?

“You’re enough, just as you are. Embrace all of you…” then song lyrics begin:

“May the longtime sun / shine upon you / all love surround you / And the pure light / Within you / Guide your way on…”

How awesome.

No matter what magic or uprooting stuff is changing or happening…

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GROUND Through The Chaos

Even if you feel unsure or stuck on your journey right now.

Go into your own heart. And listen.

Root in. Breath, practice breathing every morning and night.

Trust your being…

Open your root chakra into the orange molten core of Mother Earth, when you wake up for the day.

Your somatic awareness, core presence and energy prowess is SO immensely powerful…

This is the seat of your soul.

It’s all you need!

It’s all others really need too—your presence; just to b-e.

Also for you to be in “right relationship” with yourself (more on that later…)

As the collective becomes more aware of feminine energy consciousness (as it balances with healthy masculine presence) the light codes of embodiment are rooting deeper, physically, throughout the planet like I’ve mentioned in other updates throughout the year.

This means more souls are waking up too, in waves…

Some are beginning the biggest journey of their lives right now as their deeper purpose cracks open.

And those who’ve already in Spirit mission for a long time being rewarded as they graduate yet also probed to expand as they fully close out old, collapsed cycles.

No more waiting.

Are you willing to let yourself live your dream?

Are you ready to break out of that unsustainable pattern?

Make the leap that closes out and completes the past and changes your entire life?

The same leap that loosens your “grip” and unblocks your light?

Because being stuck in a holding pattern in life only means something in your body needs to be felt all the way straight through.

Wisdom must be applied, embodied.

No longer resisting what is or making anything wrong.

Just bring it back home and go to the root of your own self care.

The weight dissolves.

You shift into a new way and new energy agreement, just through your awareness and choice.

You can witness energy in motion (e-motion) running freely through you without becoming it, or identifying with it.

You can witness and hold the undigested “life force energy” as you redirect it and allow it to fuel your True heart desires.

Also if you feel stuck you may be trying to do things from “your way” …the mind.

There’s a bigger way, a higher plan for you.

You can’t create it, it already exists and you chose it already, on a soul level.

Your work is to take OFF all the masks blocking your light and get aligned with your own innermost truths.