Trust The Vibes You Get, Energy Doesn’t Lie

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Hey beautiful creators and loves,

I am going to let this update flow out effortlessly and keep it as short as possible.

It’s been such a potent, uplifting time probing me to move, make big decisions and take a bigger leap!

So it is.

Remembering my own soul, my own worth.

Leaning into the next phase with more trust and devotion.

Allowing myself to create more of my dreams through greater awareness, surrendering control, heart discipline and integrity.

Knowing my own energy and what to say NO to, so that I can say yes 1000x stronger to what I am aligned with.

I am also surrendering deeper into unknown parts of my spiritual mission & journey (something that hasn’t always been easy for me..)

No grinding, striving or climbing – only being more rooted inward and effortlessly shining!

And this week I am taking a massive leap with my company and journey right now, receiving my way forward…

Even cleaning up my desk last night, right before sitting down to write, an oldie pops on internet radio by Snatam Kaur, “Longtime Sun…”

Tears flow and my belly swirls to the chest as my sacral and heart opens..the message I got?

“You’re enough, just as you are. Embrace all of you…” then song lyrics begin:

“May the longtime sun / shine upon you / all love surround you / And the pure light / Within you / Guide your way on…”

How awesome.

No matter what magic or uprooting stuff is changing or happening…

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GROUND Through The Chaos

Even if you feel unsure or stuck on your journey right now.

Go into your own heart. And listen.

Root in. Breath, practice breathing every morning and night.

Trust your being…

Open your root chakra into the orange molten core of Mother Earth, when you wake up for the day.

Your somatic awareness, core presence and energy prowess is SO immensely powerful…

This is the seat of your soul.

It’s all you need!

It’s all others really need too—your presence; just to b-e.

Also for you to be in “right relationship” with yourself (more on that later…)

As the collective becomes more aware of feminine energy consciousness (as it balances with healthy masculine presence) the light codes of embodiment are rooting deeper, physically, throughout the planet like I’ve mentioned in other updates throughout the year.

This means more souls are waking up too, in waves…

Some are beginning the biggest journey of their lives right now as their deeper purpose cracks open.

And those who’ve already in Spirit mission for a long time being rewarded as they graduate yet also probed to expand as they fully close out old, collapsed cycles.

No more waiting.

Are you willing to let yourself live your dream?

Are you ready to break out of that unsustainable pattern?

Make the leap that closes out and completes the past and changes your entire life?

The same leap that loosens your “grip” and unblocks your light?

Because being stuck in a holding pattern in life only means something in your body needs to be felt all the way straight through.

Wisdom must be applied, embodied.

No longer resisting what is or making anything wrong.

Just bring it back home and go to the root of your own self care.

The weight dissolves.

You shift into a new way and new energy agreement, just through your awareness and choice.

You can witness energy in motion (e-motion) running freely through you without becoming it, or identifying with it.

You can witness and hold the undigested “life force energy” as you redirect it and allow it to fuel your True heart desires.

Also if you feel stuck you may be trying to do things from “your way” …the mind.

There’s a bigger way, a higher plan for you.

You can’t create it, it already exists and you chose it already, on a soul level.

Your work is to take OFF all the masks blocking your light and get aligned with your own innermost truths.

Go Within

What moves you fully to the core?

Pay attention to what your heart is showing you right now…

Practice keeping your nervous system and energy field “open” as you move through feelings and sensations and you’ll get new insights.

You may experience subtle shifts in your reality and awareness during this auspicious time.

It’s been such a profound time of growth and major business and life change for me, the past week and over this Taurus full moon.

On 11/11, the day before the Full Moon in Taurus, we were also treated with a rare “Mercury Eclipse,” where retrograding Mercury in Scorpio came between the Sun and Earth, marking the end of a 10 year cycle, and the beginning of a new one.

You are being asked to move forward from a new place, as you are completing a major cycle of soul lessons.

Mercury in Scorpio passing through the earth and sun for 11/11 and this magical moon week is like a final push to release anything that doesn’t belong and may reveal something that will likely surprise you.

In fact, whatever you’ve put in the last 10 years is now in the process of being returned to you (like I went into detail, in my other 11/11 update I sent to you on Monday).

Rewards or karmic debt and how you show up in your decisions from here will change the rest of your life…

This is a massive time for everyone, especially those in their “mission” and serving others since before 2012.

I hope you are tuning within, resting, nourishing and clearing your inner temple. Life flows easier and “clearer” when you exist deeper in your body.

You may be reaching a point in life where you value yourself differently and HOW you are responding to life.

You are learning to say NO to what you give your energy to.

You don’t owe anything or anyone anything that doesn’t resonate with you. Not your time, your body or your explanation.

Because you intuitively understand that the word “No” creates a circle or protection around you that clearly says “I have given enough, no more, not happening and back off.”

All in one simple word we can often find so hard to say and agree to.

There is nothing wrong with putting healthy boundaries around you, your body, your time, your love and light, your energy, your thoughts…

No is also powerful medicine.

In fact it’s absolutely necessary if you want to truly embody more light.

Saying “No” to what isn’t aligned for you opens up space for what IS as you learn to trust and embrace your own energy field and heart coherence.

You can tune in, trust what you need and surrender through external chaos. You can listen deep within your own soul.

Over this magical Full Moon in Taurus cycle, now until the end of the year, you are being called to recognize what you truly want and manifest it!

You’re also being given a rare opportunity to look at the heart of something as you witness it from a new place.

This new place and space is opening up magic for you in some way.

It could be emotional, financial or spiritual as its activating the powerful fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus this month.

Over all, the energy is calling you to manifest what you truly value as you find yourself…

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Surrendering To Your Deepest Core Desires

Everything is changing. Old stuff is deconstructing…

Your body is changing. Your mind is changing. Your emotions, sensations in your body are changing.

You are changing, because you have signed up in this body, in this lifetime to experience deep cellular and spiritual growth.

You’ve chosen to transition your being from dense, heavy cells/molecules/atoms to lighter, crystalline strings of multi-dimensional energy in this lifetime.

As you begin to shed the old world and wake up, you feel the urge to remove all the density and energetic weight that is holding you back from shining, as you quite literally “become more light”…

This is why honoring your deeper authentic core desires as you peel away layers of artificiality, false constructs, pretenses, masks and veils keeping your true self hidden, is so important, for YOU and for us all.

It’s time to shine and reveal who you are as you express your truth in the world.

This is the medicine that truly uplifts and heals the planet.

In fact, you may be feeling an even more pressing urge than you’ve even felt to do your practice and move deeper into your purpose…

To live as “light” as possible is simply to be True and authentic.


Be-ing fully who you are as you live from the depths of your heart.

Yes, practice.

And the more you practice everyday and cultivate light through your auric layers and energy (chakra) system, the deeper you’ll tune in.

The more clear you’ll be on why you’re here in this body, in this lifetime, knowing that what you are doing, IS your True calling.

And then the more capacity you’ll hold, the more will be shown to you from the Spirit world…

And the more you’ll know thyself, even as the old is shedding, deconstructing and the rivers are changing their direction…

And this way, you CAN choose to respond!

Do you surrender into the path that life is unfolding for you?

Or fight against it?

And what if forcing things no longer worked?

What if all you need is to align your being and physical action with your core desires and intention—open your heart and do the work that needs to be done?

What if you surrendered? Trusted the process? Even the detours and timing?

What if you stayed true to your own heart?

What if you trusted all is aligning for you in ways you can’t see as you stayed the course?

What if it’s more about truly receiving and allowing as you arrive in what you authentically want, more than anything?

Because the direction we are all heading into for 2020 is about knowing your energy and inner alignment DEEPER so that things come to you without “trying and hard mentality effort” …

This is what the quantum, means. It’s “energy first” and this simple understanding is more powerful than any other force in the universe.

2020 is more about knowing your own “being” and energy (energetic coherence) as you stay grounded and present in your body.

Your core truths are part of your overall journey and why you are here on this planet.

Are you willing to stand within yourself and take flight?

Are you accepting all the pieces back home with gratitude?

Are you witnessing the power you want is already rooted in your own inner self alignment?

That the power never left?

That you already are enough?

That YOU are the miracle you need?

Because you are!

The moment (and the whole universe) is infinitely open to your creation.

You can be so very true to yourself to the point where you stop questioning your own reflection.

In this present naked moment, you are Divine.

You can receive the gift out of any experience based on just your presence and being.

Just when surrendering into presence and your energy being, you are infinitely more powerful.

You don’t need to be anything else than what you organically already are, even amidst change.

You are not lost, you are the destination.

Feel straight through.

You know what’s real at your core.

You only stray when you rely on old programming instead of your body level intuition and presence.

Your heart will show you what is right when you feel all the way straight through.

And surrender “what feels like clench” …or tightness or ego and control.

Love, just is.

Your heart is your truest guide and will keep you on the right path.

And it all really comes down to right relationship with yourself.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says or does.

Yes, it’s lovely to exchange sacred energy with the right souls from True resonance.

But right now there’s lots of confusion and fear in the spiritual collective swirling around, which means, listen to your own essence, calling and soul’s voice.

I keep getting the message that even as darkness is being swept out, BE AUTHENTIC with what you are feeling and aware of what you are choosing…

Your energy awareness is key.

Every part of how you choose to respond to anything is the frequency that you choose to play on.

This is why you want to…

Choose To Be In “Right Relationship” With Yourself

Listen to your own heart now as you come closer to yourself.

Feel what feels right within you. You ultimately honor others through honoring yourself.

Ask yourself, does this decision feel right in my soul?

Does what’s happening around me truly assist the journey I am on, or wanting to make?

Does this path make sense for what my heart has been speaking to me?

Get honest with what is true for you on a soul level and feel it.

Until you do, you’ll experience the same karmic looping over and over until you begin to show up for yourself.

Choose yourself!

You must trust what you feel, what you know and take right action as you find your own, unique way forward.

This is drinking your own medicine.

This is what coming from a “right relationship” with yourself means.

Are you allowing yourself to be seen as you do the work of getting into right relationship with all the parts of you?

This is the medicine.

What unconscious patterns are you finally embracing?

When are you letting IN your own love?

Where do you need to be in deeper integrity with the most precious parts inside you?

Where are you still disowning yourself with shitty language that doesn’t serve you?

Where are you abandoning yourself by not fully claiming exactly what you feel or want because you fear losing something?

How can you be your own miracle as you integrate and fully own every single thing that you are experiencing?

How can you be more in integrity with yourself; ie) are you saying yes instead of SAYING NO?

Everyone will misunderstand you at some point on the journey, but what matters is how you know yourself.

Even your worst triggers are wildly golden when you begin to learn to trust your soul and the present moment.

Go to your heart and the truth.

Realize when your inner child is screaming and take care of this fragment of YOU.

If it feels like truth ringing throughout your whole body regardless of judgment or if it’s scary, show up and go all in.

You can trust the moment contains everything you desire and need.

Whatever is showing up, IS the way.

So trust that who and what experiences are happening to you, IS the gift and relevant in some way.

What isn’t truth, what can’t grow, what keeps your hands clenched and your soul squashed, dissolves when you stop entertaining it.

This is why knowing your own authentic core desires, your energy and your field is so essential.

Your own inner being/alignment and authentic heart desires is where the rubber meets the road in manifesting…

This is why you must continue or move deeper into your practices and embrace all truths, even the painful ones.

Pain is medicine, here to shine the light on and awaken what is really true for you so that you stop hiding in your ego with superficial reasons why you can’t shine or be happy.

Because you must be true to yourself, first.

Your being, energy, gratitude, honor, celebration, receptivity and freedom IS the magical juice.

It’s your own energetic coherence (aligned within your core truth/desires) that is the manifesting language of the Universe.

So knowing the difference between the ego’s “grasping” voice and it’s “overlays” that mask your soul’s true desires and needs …

And this is SO essential to you accessing your true power and manifesting the life you want.

The voice of your soul is love, freedom, truth and is effortlessly powerful…

Listen and trust.

Your soul will revel in the beauty of your innermost truths …

Your soul will guide you to follow through with your own conscious releasing, energetic hygiene and self care.

Yes, you can ground deeper every day into your effortless being—just by how you walk, breath and approach life.

Breath your body open, right in this free moment.

Love immediately returns to you as you come back home to you, with source, into presence.

You are loved, honored and safe to deconstruct the old, unlearn and dissolve what doesn’t serve you.

You can remove what is blocking your light from fully shining and offering your gift in the world.

You no longer need to cloak yourself.

When you are connected to your soul’s purpose and your “body as a gateway” you have powers beyond your wildest dreams.

Yes, you need to be exposed and still trust yourself.

Allow yourself to surrender to your souls higher plan for you.

You can align within and create the dreams you want.

It’s all here—I am seeing dreams already in the process of happening.

Trust and flow.

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Safety Is An Illusion

From the seat of the Soul, the journey of chasing safety is anything but “safe” as the very notion cuts you off from Source itself!

The word “safe” is based on the attachment of the ego.

“Safe” is what your ego knows as it has been built to protect itself.

It’s the fight or flight “clenching up to survive.”

Safety, from the egos viewpoint, means controlling and grasping, because it wants to avoid feeling pain, fear, resistance or even extreme joy if it’s not used to it

But it’s also how we hang onto the old attachments of the past.

Think of attachment as a closed fist.

Non-attachment (or embodied True love) is an open palm.

True love allows you to still be deeply connected to other people and the world around you.

You aren’t clinging so tightly to everything…

When you want so badly to control the outcome of a situation, this can create a lot of anxiety.

Embodied being (true love) allows you to trust the beauty of your ever evolving multi dimensional-ness.

Love without “attachment” is simply moving light…

Embody this fullness like you expect everything, but need nothing.

The less you “grasp” meaning the more you keep your palm and heart blooming open, the more you’ll receive….

Your nervous system wants you to open so that you can let your own source power move through you, more freely…

Yes, we all mentally want the feeling of safety and feeling protected physically, emotionally, financially etc…

Yet when we are attached to life “needing to look or go a certain way” in order for us to feel safe, we kink off our own life source!

So the more we try to feel “safe”.. the more we try to control, which only tightens our grip restricting our power and juicy life force.

It’s a clenching out of fear of loss and like I’ve said a lot before, duality only begets more duality.

We need to come from the solution; the whole of our being and embodiment.

The tighter our attachment or fixation becomes, the greater the block we create and the less likely we are to RECEIVE what we need on a soul essential level.

The moment you release your grip on needing anything yet still allowing yourself to feel connected to everything, power returns.

Like magic, every time.

Know now that YOU hold the power to enhance your whole sense of being!

YOU have the opportunity to enrich your essence and unite within your own body alignment.

You’re being called to move deeper into your soul’s purpose in this body and lifetime.

The entire infinite universe is reflected in you.

Only YOU can see the power in you, waiting to be recognized by your own conscious heart.

No one else can give you permission to SEE you.

And the “old collapsing” has gotten louder showing you all that is ready to be released and rebirthed.

So shed away dear multi dimensional soul…

You are shifting and changing…

You are removing layers no longer for you.

Are you willing to no longer entertain what no longer serves you?

No longer be apart of your own neglect or abuse?

Will you allow yourself to transform?

Allow yourself to consciously redirect the energy of and shed whatever was stopping you from fully offering yourself and shining in the world?

Are you willing to be in right relationship with yourself —and be coherent with the world and what you truly desire?

“Whatever you are not changing you are choosing for things to stay the same.”

Stop Abandoning Yourself!

I feel called to mention this again.

For those who read all my posts, know that I keep saying the things that I feel awakening collective still needs to hear it, so receive what makes sense for you now…

Stay in your own integrity and truth and heart.

If you want to exist as love, as abundance, as truth and receive the life that’s waiting for you…

You must confront the parts of you that fear being loved…

Confront where you are out of integrity with yourself.

Until you do, abandonment trauma will keep operating your life, and make you unconsciously sabotage as a way to affirm your fears.

No need to affirm fears and sabotage the good that’s making its way into your life…

You bringing more honey into your life from a place of “already full” matters more than you realize.

This is being connected, as source and trusting the unfolding.

Remember when you are the fullest, is almost always when you receive the most!

Even if the ego believes that by closing your fist and controlling the situation, it can get what it wants—your souls already knows the truth.

The ego seeks approval, looks outside itself for answers, excludes, self victimizes, threatens and demand as a way to meet its needs.

Your soul, like love, just is.

Love just exists.

Your soul knows you are truly infinite yet the mind has zero inner standing, of how much power you hold.

You don’t need to abandon yourself.

You can give yourself the love you truly need instead of creating drama and separation.

You are not separate from Divine. You are Divine.

The connection you crave is source. This is real intimacy inside your own soul that can only be surrendered into.

Where you purely exist, infinitely burning open and free…

Connected within, wildly alive without a plan or agenda.

Where you “live as light”…

Where you innocently emBODY love and you’re FULL regardless of what’s going on outside you.

Where you are connected to everything, but attached to nothing.

This is real love.

This is non-attachment.

This is where you are truly emBODYing real love.

Existing as Source.

And the more you step into the unknown outside the ego, the more visceral and powerful source and creation can flow through you…

But the more you attach and grasp onto “making meaning” instead of surrendering the ego and going with the flow, the more you’ll get in your own way, undermining the sacred love and wisdom that is asking you to return home to…

Your time is now.

Making the leap.

Alignment with truth and love.

Knowing your own energy…

And trusting your unfolding as you keep on!

Lose the crutches and masks you no longer need.

Get grounded with who you are and what you want.

Open your soul and unclench your body.

Your being and presence, is more than enough.

I was hearing a friend say earlier this week…

“Pretense is a veil over naked truth.”

It’s true.

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Sometimes Your Presence Is All That Matters

All we need, I need, YOU need… is just your presence and being.

No work. No pretense. Just your being.

What if you just kept your heart open all the way through it all?

Yes you can even keep your heart open and still say NO to what isn’t yours or for you.

Yes, you can say no without getting very upset or angry!

No more abandoning yourself. You can embrace yourself! You are enough!

Like I was saying in the last energy update on 11/11: now that you’re closing out the past decade…

Where will your soul go from here?

What are you fully closing out and deconstructing?

What are you are now calling IN?

Who will you become?

What nourishes your soul?

What stories do you need to shift to free your being?

Be honest, be true through the bullshit twists of the ego.

Allow yourself to trust, and go deeper.

Listen to you heart.

Do what you need to do EVERY DAY now to love yourself.

Connect with others deeper on a soul level too, you’ll feel good with the raw, truthful energy exchange.

And if you still need to forgive and feel—move straight through it while keeping your heart curious and intelligently open.

You no longer need to carry the weight of what is causing dysfunction.

You have the choice, to choose the story that serves love and abundance and creation.

Just by deciding that you are Loved.

Showing up as love, all by yourself.

You can be who you really are regardless of others or those who abandoned you.

Only realize what is abandoning yourself and stop.

Choose yourself.

And don’t ask others to abandon themselves for you (meaning let go of insisting others need to be a certain want, in order for you to feel more of the way you wish to feel).

You can feel however you choose.

It’s not just about feeling abandoned, by others.

The deeper gift is seeing how you no longer need to abandon yourself —even just the way you view life…

So much stress or peace comes from how we choose to respond within our own energy field.

We forget that it’s our own choice, our being.

Our perception. Our choice.

What do you choose to give your attention to and how do you give that attention?

What is your internal dialogue?

And example would be, perhaps instead of saying “I’m so stressed” … say “I really care about this.”

Instead of “I’m so worn out and beat” say “I am thankfully choosing to rest” …

The little moments make the difference.

The very moment you shift your energy and perspective is when your body releases and things begin to energetically flow again—including in the physical world around you.

Flow meaning just another way to say “being in alignment” with yourself or embodied truth.

Where you living out of integrity with yourself?

Where must you own up and clean up?

Others loving you will never rescue you from fully loving you and trusting YOURSELF.

It’s time to come home to YOU.

Reminds me of what I was feeling watching Encke Taurid Meteor Showers very early this morning (watch for ’em, they will be happening all week!)

It’s kinda symbolic because…

You are the star.

And it’s time for you to shine.

Affirm throughout every single day:








Repeat after me…

“I am grateful for these simple, small moments I celebrate just being— those raw spaces of creative expression, soul knowing and connection.

I am receptive and open to new ways of seeing and receiving as I am changing, surrendering and shedding. I trust the unfolding and my own souls voice regardless of what others say.

Thank you Spirit for the “mirrors in others” so that I may remember to tune in, within. I embrace my transformation. I trust my soul’s timing and I surrender again and again.

I choose to keep my heart open, even through the pain. I welcome the wisdom from all shades of the spectrum. I welcome the abundance of love, miracles and blessings into my life by consciously feeling, slowing down and being presently aware of the possibilities already existing right now for me.

I am so grateful for all my experiences, even for what is sad as it shows me what to be grateful for and what to create within.

Even as my life is changing and moments when I am not happy with where I am at— I still trust the unfolding.

I choose to keep expanding my heart into the unknown and I am grateful to know there’s more love, fun, peace, connection and adventure to explore!”

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