5 Obvious Signs You're In A Toxic Relationship

3. You feel guilted.

You shouldn't feel guilty in a relationship for no reason. A toxic partner can make you feel guilty for doing things you enjoy through their actions. Sometimes not even through their words. This isn't a good sign.

4. You've lost interest in your friends.

You used to hang out with your friends all the time, but then you met your partner and that kind of petered out, huh? Why is that? Is it that your partner doesn't want to go out? Or that they don't like your friends?

If you feel like the one you love is standing between you and your friends, you may be in a toxic relationship.

5. Your partner is volatile.

They're like a volcano. One little rumble and the whole thing can blow up. Having a partner like this is difficult and a sure sign that you may be in a toxic relationship. Your partner should take time to talk in a reasonable way with you, not explode at every little thing.

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