Discover What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals For October


Typically, Leo lives in the spotlight and loves every bit of it, but October is going to be a radically different month. Get used to doing things behind the scenes. Dial down your extrovertedness a little bit. You may also find your soul mate this month.


Virgo is usually the cautious this one, but this month, throw caution to the wind. Being cautious usually gets you your best results but forget it. You're too calculating. This is a great month to take risks.


This month, Libra should rein in their wandering thoughts and be more introspective and let the results transform you. Quiet your mind and dig deep into your soul. You'll enjoy what you find.

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Scorpio will have a hard October, but your load will lighten next month. Determination, hard, work, and passion will get you through this month - things you're already great at.

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