October 20th Marks Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries: Here’s How That Impacts Rebellion

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This week, a rebellious Full Moon in Aries rises on October 20th. This Moon is known as the Hunter’s Moon, and is always the first Moon to follow the Harvest Moon.

This energy shift will bring to the forefront certain thoughts of emotions that might make you defensive, causing you to go into either a state of rebellion or self-reflection. Here’s how.

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The Power Of “I Am”

blue eye close up

Daniil Kuzelev / Unsplash

Daniil Kuzelev / Unsplash

This moon is full of confident and charismatic energy and is all about self-empowerment. It is here to remind you not to make yourself small for others and to live honestly and authentically.

Aries energy is all about embodying the power of “I am” by tapping into your childlike playfulness, fearlessness, and spontaneity.