October Kicks Off With Fiery Passion Before Bringing Shock In Three Life Areas, According To Astrology

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Monthly Horoscopes – October 2022

Shake off the cobwebs as Mercury ends its retrograde and turns direct in hard-working Virgo on October 2nd. Most of us can use the first week of October to get back up to speed with projects that had to be put on hold.

On October 9th, a fiery and passionate Full Moon in Aries brings success, but perhaps at a high cost. This is quite reckless energy, so don’t take too many risks for short-term gain.

The following day, Mercury moves into serene Libra, which should help calm thinking and soothe tempers. This calm, creative vibe endures for the next two weeks.

The Sun moves into sultry Scorpio on October 23rd. On the same day, Saturn turns direct in fixed sign Aquarius, creating strong vibrations of determination and resolve – an excellent day for setting your sights on what you want.

However, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on October 25th may bring shock and upheaval in love, money, or personal psychology – so don’t get too comfortable or complacent.

A few days later, on October 28th, Jupiter retrograde moves backward into Pisces, adding a spiritual vibe to the last week of the month. Indeed, the very next day, thinking planet Mercury moves into deeply thoughtful Scorpio, encouraging us to pursue the things that fascinate us, even where those topics might be quite dark or mysterious.

October ends with Mars turning retrograde in Gemini on October 30th. This always signals a slowdown in energy, so take time out to rest and reflect – and perhaps tone down the partying.


You’ll want to get back up to speed quickly in October, and you can start when Mercury turns direct in your everyday work zone on the 2nd – excellent for catching up with overdue tasks.

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The Aries Full Moon on October 9th is a high point in your year and showcases the very best of your Aries fire and passion. Try not to be too impulsive, however, especially in love.

Wait for Mercury to move into your love zone the following day before making any drastic decisions. It’s time for calm, cooperative decision-making with your partner.

When the Sun changes signs on October 23rd, you’ll discover a new depth of purpose and perhaps a new obsession, too. Something that fascinates you needs lots of attention, and with Saturn turning direct in the social zone of your chart, joining a new club or group with like-minded souls will prove fruitful for this.

However, the Solar Eclipse on October 25th warns of jealousy and resentment, especially in your love life. Is your new all-consuming interest ruffling feathers?

It might be best to take some time to pause and reflect on where you’re heading with this. When Jupiter retrograde changes signs on October 28th, you’ll get some space and peace to think deeply about your choices.

With Mercury moving into your passion zone the following day, this would be a perfect time for making any necessary apologies. Do this before Mars, your ruling planet, turns retrograde on the 30th – because you might not have the energy or the will later.