How To Watch This Month's Incredible Meteor Showers

Autumn and winter are my favorite times of year because of the spectacular light shows that take place in our skies. One of the most stunning of the bunch is the Draconid meteor shower.

The Draconid meteor shower, sometimes called the Giacobinids, get their name due to the way they seem to originate in the mouth of the northern constellation Draco the Dragon.

The meteor shower is best viewed from northern latitudes in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. Their peak is October 8th. They can produce hundreds, sometimes up to a thousand, meteors per hour!

One of the perks of the Draconid shower is that it tends to begin much earlier in the night, so there's no need to stay up until 3:00AM to see them at their peak.

The best way to see the Draconid meteor shower is far away from any lights. Try driving far outside of your city or town where there are no artificial lights.

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