10 Clear Signs You’re An Old Soul And Might Not Know It

The old soul tends to live their live internally. Walking their own path and not following the crowd.

Old in heart, old in mind, and old in soul. Their life outlook varies vastly and tends to be much more mature than those around them.

Have you or someone you know experienced things like this? If so, this article is written for you, in hopes you will come to know yourself a bit better.

1. You've always had maturity far beyond your years.

When you were a child, did people comment on how mature you were?

You probably preferred to sit with the adults rather than at the kids table. It's not that you weren't interested in having fun, but the adults just seemed far more intriguing.

2. You're most likely a solitary loner.

Old souls are not usually interested in what other people are doing. They tend to hate making friends and find it hard to relate with others.

Because of this, old souls find themselves alone most of the time. However, they'd prefer it this way. People tend to drain their energy.

3. You're in love with truth, wisdom, and knowledge.

This might seem a little bit noble and self-centered, but old souls usually cling to the intellectual side of life. Philosophical thought and deep thinking are more meaningful than last night's basketball scores.

4. You tend to be interested in spirituality.

You most likely have a sensitive and spiritual side. Old souls tend to focus on love and peace as their main endeavors. They see it as the most useful way to spend their time.

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5. You're not scared of death.

Old souls know they're going to die. They understand the transience of life. However, instead of being afraid of this fact, they use it to power them.

Knowing they're going to die inspires them to follow their dreams.

6. You enjoy introspective and reflective thought.

Do you find yourself thinking about everything all the time? Old souls tend to reflect and learn from their actions and the actions of others.

7. You see the bigger picture.

Old souls don't get lost in the superficial aspects of life. They look at life from a birds eye view, seeing what is the most logical path to take.

Old souls know that issues in life are just speed bumps and only increase the amount of happiness to be experienced in the future.

8. You aren't materialistic.

Materialism tends to bore old souls. Fame, wealth, and having the fanciest car aren't a huge concern.

9. You were a strange, socially maladaptive kid.

This isn't always the case, but several old souls display massive amounts of maturity at a young age. They may be labeled "introverted" or "rebellious, because they fail to fit the mainstream mold.

These children tend to be very intelligent. If you're child talks to you like they're an adult, you might have an old soul on your hands.

10. You just "feel" old.

Old souls often experience detached calmness, watchful patience, and world wariness. You might just feel like an "old person" on the inside.

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