4 Things Only Old Souls Will Understand

What is an old soul? An old soul is often characterized as being someone who finds themselves alone and isolated to some extent.

They're wizened beyond their years seemingly from birth. But being an old soul comes with its own set of challenges.

1. People label you incorrectly.

People are obsessed with labels. Are you a hippie? A hipster? Are you new age?

Come on, you have to be something, right? Old souls are the hardest people to peg as belonging to a larger group because they tend to be unique. It's like they're above labels.

2. You feel like the black sheep.

Old souls are great at building strong, meaningful relationships with people. They have this keen ability to appeal to a person's heart. But there are a lot of superficial people in the world and many don't want those kinds of relationships. It can make you feel isolated.

3. You're easily drained emotionally.

Old souls are the types who have seen it all and all they want is to help the people around them. Unfortunately, that's a character trait that can leave them feeling emotionally drained. Being willing to help puts them in a place where they can be taken advantage of. If you find this to be the case, take steps to protect yourself and don't get too invested.

4. All you want is to belong.

Of course, that's all any of us truly want. For old souls, it's even more important. They want to be close to their family and friends and belong to communities that value them. It can be hard to find, but doable.

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