This Woman Spent 14 Years Photographing The Oldest Trees In The World

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This collection of the Earth’s most ancient trees were collected over the course of 14 years by San Francisco, California-based photographer Beth Moon. Moon traveled the globe searching for the Earth’s oldest trees, venturing to some seriously remote locations.

“Many of the trees I have photographed have survived because they are out of reach of civilization; on mountainsides, private estates, or on protected land,” says Moon. “Certain species exist only in a few isolated areas of the world. For example; there are 6 species of spectacular baobabs, found only on the island of Madagascar. Sadly, the baobab is now one of the three most endangered species on the island.”

Beth chose the trees to photograph based on size, age, and their significance to human history. She did extensive research on each tree before visiting them. Enjoy.

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