7 Things Only A Cancer Will Understand

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There’s a lot that can be said about being born under the sign of Cancer and how you go about living your daily life as a someone who is extremely empathetic, anxious, and even sometimes frustrated.

People often turn to a Cancer when they need someone to listen to their problems, when they need help with a tough decision, and they are always asking a Cancer for wisdom almost all of the time.

If you’re a Cancer, then you know what it means to be the shoulder everyone immediately seeks out when their hurt or when their needing advice.

There are a variety of other things that a Cancer would only get, however, we think these next seven things are what resonate most within all other Cancer’s.

1. You Need Love In Order To Function

This is probably one of the most brutally honest things about being a Cancer: you are in constant need of love. This isn’t a selfish quality, no, it just means that you are always giving out love and sometimes never being able to receive it.

In order for you to feel entirely happy, you need constant reassurance that you are loved, wanted, and welcomed wherever you go.

This ties into your anxious personality since you are always wanting to people please and it kills you when others reject your hospitality. Love is necessary on both ends of a relationship and you know this better than anyone else.

2. Have Troubles Forgetting The Past

Sure, time heals all wounds, but there are some cases where the wounds take longer to heal than the others do. You have a hard time getting over things especially if you were hurt by someone you’ve trusted for a very long time.

There is a list of grudges that you are still tallying day by day, waiting for the moment that that person might come back and apologize for what they said or did to you.

There are also some grudges that you are just simply never going to forget and those people are learning those facts the hard way.

3. You Don’t Do Crowds

Your idea of fun doesn’t involve going out to a club with a lot of people around.

Instead, you would rather gather a few of your close friends, go somewhere secluded for the three or two of you to enjoy, and letting time pass you by as you have deep conversations about the world around you.

A lot of noise makes it hard for you to think so it’s better if you can find a spot that has more than enough solitude for you and your friends to enjoy.

4. Trust Is Very Important To You

A Cancer holds something very dear to their hearts and that’s being able to trust someone. Mentioned before, you can have a really hard time getting over someone you trusted that may have hurt you.

That’s why it’s never easy for just anyone to gain your trust within the first moments of meeting them.

You are a very cautious person when it comes to making friends, finding a new place to live, and basically everything else that requires you to offer even just a little bit of trust. Once someone has been granted that piece of you, they better treat it right.

5. Little To No Patience

Patience is something that you’ve had a very hard time dealing with especially if it’s something you really want to share with someone.

The moment you feel like you need to express yourself, you are not hesitant to do so. When there is something that has all of your attention you go out of your way to show everyone else exactly what it is and why you like it so much.

6. Always Empathetic

You absorb everyone’s emotions no matter what is going on in your life in that moment in time. When people come to you wanting a shoulder to cry on, you do, and this isn’t just because you’re an amazing listener.

You actually care about other people’s feelings especially from those you love most. It’s hard for you to ignore other people’s cries for help but at the same time you express your own needs when the time comes.

You are there for others but you also expect others to be there for you.

7. Always Working Hard

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, you’re always doing your absolute best when it comes to work. Your best may also seem like no one else is operating at the same level as you are and this may definitely be the case.

Even though you understand that working hard and giving your absolute best to whatever it is you’re doing, you still wish others would aspire to your hard working demeanor.

Sure, it’s easy for you but it would be even easier if everyone else was working at the same pace as you.

Of course, there are still a variety of other things that a Cancer can relate too, however, these stood out most to us when we asked others how they felt. What else do you think Cancer’s can relate too?

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