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7 Amazing Qualities Of People Who Are Happy Being Alone

It's something of a rare talent to find someone who has become 100% happy being alone.

Not only are they happy, but they're happy because they found their real selves, not because they were so turned off of other people they prefer to be alone.

They're sometimes easy to spot, but they can be a little harder to get to know. Here's what you should know about them.

1. They're independent.

People who have found a balance with themselves and can be happy doing things on their own also develop a fierce independence.

Sharing their space, sharing their lives, and really sharing anything they're not prepared to is going to be a challenge. They've learned to rely upon themselves.

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2. They're about as confident as you get.

Those who have mastered the art of being happy alone tend to also be confident. We often surround ourselves with people because we lack the confidence to be fully exposed.

They tend to be self-assured and they know they're more than enough to have a good time.

3. They tend to be fascinating people.

Face it, there's something interesting about a person who has no qualms about going through their life as a solo act.

Sure, they might eventually find the perfect partner to complement them (and vice versa of course), but there's just something so fascinating about them.

They're fun to talk to about their lives, and just because they're independent doesn't mean they won't be up to chat about their philosophies.

4. They can be a little bit enigmatic.

If you don't fully listen to them, at least. If you're in pursuit of a person romantically that tends to be happy alone, they can seem strange and enigmatic.

That's likely because you aren't actually listening to what they're telling you. You have to be more than just some body they can call theirs in order to make them happier.

They're already happy. Bring new things to the table.

5. They love to travel.

Alone or with people. Those who have learned to be happy alone also enjoy experiencing new places and making new friends around the world.

They don't mind doing it by themselves either.

6. They're incredibly sharp.

It feels like you have to be smart enough to come to some serious conclusions and face your real self in order to be someone who can truly be happy alone.

In the face of this sharpness, they're not likely to be duped into doing something they don't want to and they won't be easily manipulated.

7. Overall, they're free people.

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