Our Dreams May Be Glimpses Into Parallel Universes, According To Science

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Dreams have always been a subject of fascination. Some say they’re just a jumbled projection of events from our lives that the brain plays in random order. Some interpret them to reveal what hides in their subconscious mind, trying to unravel their deepest fears and desire. Then there are others who believe that dreams aren’t even our own. That they hold so much more than we understand. Some believe that dreams are a vessel, and a way of communication with one door in our world and another somewhere else. Maybe this is why our lost loved ones speak to us in our dreams, or sometimes we dream of people and things that we never experience while awake.

Science might finally have the answer to the question “what do our dreams mean?” And it might have something to do with parallel universes.

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Dreams Across Time

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Thomas Bormans / Unsplash

Thomas Bormans / Unsplash

Let’s start at the beginning. The word “dream” itself comes from an old word in English that means “joy” and “music.” For as long as history can be traced, there have been numerous legends trying to decipher what dreams mean and why we have them. The origin of our dreams was assumed by Ancient Greeks and Romans to message directly from God. They thought that only those with special powers could interpret them. In other cultures, like the Chinese, dreams were believed to be a message from our dead ancestors. This is notion still true for many today.

Then there were native Americans that explained dreams are glimpses of a different world that none of us have ever visited. They were closest to the reality that scientists are discovering.